Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A few cute excuses for my absence

Well I've made the leap into the world of photography. I wouldn't call myself a "professional" photographer b/c I know I still have lots of improving to do before I earn that title. I had what I call a skill building shoot two weeks ago. Baby K is 4 months old and her Big brother O is almost 3. They were a joy to work with. Baby K loved the camera, Big brother O, not so much! Everytime I tried to snap a picture of him he yelled, "No!!" So we took him to the park and I told him, "Well since you won't take a picture for me, I'll take a picture of trees!" So he started pointing out trees for me ;)Here are a few of the shots I got. Mom was very happy!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Dancing Machine

Not too much to announce from us, but wanted to give a brief update. The holidays were very nice for us. J enjoyed his new toys, although Mommy enjoyed the clothes he rec'd as gifts better! We spent a week and a half at my mom's house and I admit I am so happy to be home now! J's tantrums are getting better (hope I didn't just jinx it!) and he's finally cut his fifth tooth. I think the sixth on is getting ready to cut. He's also walking so much better now. We were told to keep an eye on that b/c one of his legs is bent outwards causing him to wobble alot when he walks.

So J has a new thing going on...Dancing! The other night I was in my room doing my hair when Daddy yelled from the living room, "Mommy he's dancing! It's so cute!" I came out and sure enough J was bouncing his body up and down and laughing the entire time. It was such a sweet moment b/c Daddy was so happy to see his son dancing, to Hip Hop at that ;) Here's a sample.