Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

On this day, I realize that I am truly blessed. My husband served in the US Air Force for 20 years. He left to defend his country just months after graduating high school. He's been sent overseas to fight for our freedom several times, including Afghanistan after 9/11. He's lost friends. He watched (and still is watching) friends suffer with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). He has friends who are missing limbs. He also has friends who didn't lose their lives or limbs, but lost their families b/c deployment does get rough on us military spouses. I'm blessed b/c after 20 yrs of serving this country, my husband is alive and well and we are still madly in love with each other. In fact, I actually miss the Air Force! The comradery, the annuals, the award banquets, the love we all had for each other. I'm still in touch with several military wives I've met over the years and they are truly some of my best friends (Mechelle, if you are reading this I LOVE YOU!!).

However, I know that this is not a happy day for everyone around the world. Today, for some families, it's a day of mourning. Somewhere, a mother is mourning the loss of her young son. A father is missing his daughter, but proud of what she has done for our country. A wife is now a single mother. Never had a chance to kiss her soldier goodbye. A little boy holds a picture of his mother, the only memory he will ever have of who she was. Initially, the title of this blog was going to read Happy Memorial Day, in I realize that today is definitely not a very happy day for many people. They are all in my prayers. Thank you to all of those who have fought for our freedom, those who gave their lives to our freedom, and those who are fighting for our freedom at this very moment.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a weekend!!

We had a wonderfully busy weekend over here! One of my best friends turned 30 on Sunday (wow, we are all turning 30 this year!), so she threw herself a birthday party on Saturday. Friday, I helped her run a few errands while Jayden stayed home with Daddy so he could take a nap. Friday evening, I picked up Jayden and we headed back to my friend's house to finish fixing the food for the party. I had a great time with her and Jayden played like such a big boy with her nieces. Saturday, we headed to the party and I got a speeding ticket on the way there! Great way to ruin my day :( I was actually going with the flow of traffic and failed to keep an eye on my speedometer (am I the only one who does that??), but when I saw the cop car, I glanced down and saw that I was speeding so I slowed down and I guess it made me quite obvious...The cop pulled me over and made me get out of the truck. Fun times. I took my speeding ticket and continued on my way to the party. Jayden was a tornado, to say the least. He wanted to play outside, but as soon as he got outside he would realize how hot it was and come right back inside. Then, once inside, he decided he wanted to go play outside. This went on the entire time! Over and over and over. He eventually got his little toes closed in the door :(

As you know, b/c of Jayden's Celiac Disease, birthday parties can prove to be a bit rough for Jayden as far as food selection goes. And a biggie is always the birthday cake! What kid doesn't want cake?? Jayden, however, seems to be getting used to our routine. Sing happy birthday and then come to mommy to get his gluten free cupcake. He sat on the side and devoured his cupcake. After a while, we had to pack up and head over to the next birthday party. We got to this praty just a few minutes before they sang Happy Birthday. I lost sight of Jayden and when I found him he had helped himself to a plate and a fork and was pacing around the cake table! lol!! And then it hit me...DAMMIT! I'd only packed ONE gluten free cupcake. I ran to ask a friend of mine if they had any popsicles, or anything as delicious as that cake (in a child's eyes) that would appease Jayden, but all she had was ice cream. I believe that Jayden is lactose intolerant, even though the dietician says it's not likely, so I carry around lactaid supplements just in case. I ran to his bag for the lactaid and there weren't any in there! He was in line waiting for cake! I had no idea what to do other than to leave the party that we had just arrived at. I decided to give him just a spoon full of icing from the cake (buttercream icing made with powdered sugar) and a scoop of ice cream, praying that the dietician was correct. He devoured it, and was satisfied and enjoyed the rest of the party.

Sunday morning he woke up complaining about his tummy. This is usual for Jayden b/c he still has constipation issues and the day that he finally has a BM, his tummy hurts. But this was different. He was clammy and he would cry and run to find me with his shirt held up saying "Tummy!!!" I would kiss his tummy and he would walk away still, looking sad. The pain would come in spurts and hit him all of a sudden so I knew it was stomach cramps. He was miserable all day and could hardly eat anything. That evening my husband and Jayden came with me to an outdoor photo shoot and Jayden was going to feed the ducks while I did the shoot. Well when we got there, Jayden was crying and moaning. My husband took him out of his seat and laid him across the back seat and rubbed his back. A few minutes later, Jayden moaned and rolled over to his hands and knees and lets just say that in the end, I had to throw away a pair of shorts, underwear, a towel, and a blanket that we were using to cover his neck from the sun! It was bad, but Jayden felt better immediately. I had packed an extra set of clothes and a pullup, just in case, so he didn't have to run around bottomless! Monday, he still had a few stomach cramps, but he's been much better since then and is at summer camp today. I really do believe that it was the ice cream that hurt his tummy so badly. Sometimes, you just have to follow your gut.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

5 Things to consider when working from home

Here are FIVE points to consider when you are searching for work from home:

1. How long has the company been in business and what is their track record?

2. How much does it cost to get started and is it fully refundable?

3. How are you required to build your business? Will you need to buy inventory, host parties, take orders, and deliver products?

4. What kind of products are you going to sell? How often will your customers purchase something?

5. What kind of support and training will you receive?

These are all valid, important questions to ask yourself when you are searching for a home based business. There are many companies to choose from with great products. However, there are some key differences that will ultimately determine how successful you can be with that company.

I joined up with Internet CEO Moms just a few weeks ago and it is already proving to be a great decision for me and my family. I'd like to answer these 5 questions as it relates to our business.

1. The company we are teamed up with has been in business for 25 years and has received numerous awards over the years. They are completely debt free and currently expanding their business while other companies are struggling in the current economy.

2. It costs $29 to get started and is fully, 100% refundable.

3. We DO NOT host parties, carry inventory, take orders, make deliveries, etc. All we do is open customer accounts.

4. We promote basic necessity products that are all eco-friendly and healthier and our customers shop every month for the basic items they need for their own family.

5. Our team provides you with a tremendous amount of support and training that will allow you to build your business truly, completely from home.

This is truly a win-win situation for us and I am PROUD to represent our team and the company we work with. With all of the scams surrounding work from home opportunities, it's refreshing to know that a mom can truly work from home without having to first shell out hundreds of dollars before seeing a return on it. I have been blessed and would love to share this team with moms everywhere, who would love to bring in some extra money or even replace a full time income in order to stay at home with the kids! If you are looking for a legitimate work from home opportunity, I encourage you to simply set a time to view the 15 minute webcast so you can see for yourself what a wonderful opportunity this is.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My sensitive boy

Ever since Jayden was released from the hospital in April, we've noticed that he is VERY sensitive to the sunlight. He hates for it to touch his skin. I figured it was just him getting used to the change in climate, but now it's getting worse and worse. He RUNS to find shade now. And when the sun touches his skin he immediately starts crying, scratching, and fidgeting really badly. Today we had to run into walmart and he was crying and grabbing at his neck and then tried to stick his head under my shirt. And when we put him in his carseat he cries in pain if the sun is on it. And his car seat is cloth so it cannot burn him. we've tried putting hats on him but he still complains about the back of his neck and his legs and arms. I cannot dress him in long sleeves and pants in the summer temps! He starts summer camp next week and I'm worrid about how he will tolerate it. At school, their playground is shaded. I'm not quite sure about the playground at camp, so I will have to let the camp counselor know. It seems like it's one thing after the other with my poor boy. Because of this, we are considering canceling our annual trip to Disney World in August. There is no way he will be able to handle being in the sun for hours and we would just be asking for him to have seizures. We are going to go in November instead. J has an appt to see his neurologist next week and I plan to bring this up to him b/c at this point I don't know if it is a side effect of the meds or if it's just something that comes with epilepsy. I'm sad to think of him spending his summer indoors.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Jayden literally SURPRISED everyone this morning! He doesn't usually go to school on Tuesdays, but his teacher asked me to switch up his schedule a bit for this last week b/c none of his classmates were coming on Friday. So I got him dressed this morning and on the ride to school I said "Your friends are going to be so surprised to see you today!" He just smiled, and continued to complain about the sun shining on his neck. LOL! We got to school, and normally what happens is Jayden will walk with me to the cafeteria and even open the door himself and walk right in, but the minute that he sees his class, he falls out on the floor! We've had maybe 3 good mornings where he went without a fuss, but usually he likes to perform. Well this morning he turned around and gave me a sweet kiss, and then I opened the door for him and he JUMPED through the door and yelled "SURPRISE!!" I was so shocked! I peeked in, though, and saw that his class had already left the cafeteria. Jayden looked at me and said "Oh no, she's gone!" I said "It's okay, let's just walk back to your class." and he said OK! So we walked to class and he kept looking at me smiling and every now and then he say "SURPRISE!" almost as if he was practicing. As we got closer to his class, he ran ahead of me and he threw the door open and JUMPED in the class and yelled "SURPRISE!!" I bust out laughing and so did his entire class!! OMG it was too freaking adorable. He went into class like such a big boy, with the biggest smile on his face. And I watched him as he took his bookbag off his back and hung it on his hook, then went to join his class. I am so proud of him. He's come so far!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Caffeine Withdrawal!!!

I can't even believe this, but I think I'm experiencing caffeine withdrawals! LOL! I honestly don't think I even drink enough coffee for that to happen, but obviously I do. I usually have 1 cup of coffee every morning. For some reason (I don't even remember why) I decided to skip it this morning. By 12 noon, I was feeling sluggish. Jayden went down for his nap and I took that quiet time to work on my contact list and work towards my goal of becoming a director with my business. I sent out a few emails, made some calls, and then I was just incredibly tired. I went to lay down for a few minutes, but of course, the minute I was dosing off guess who woke up? YEP! So I went upstairs and got in bed with him. He played along for maybe 2 minutes, but then he thought it was more fun to pry my eyelids open. I took him to the playroom, turned on the cartoons, and sprawled out on the futon hoping he'd play with his toys and wacth some cartoons for a few minutes. Well, he did play with his toys. He kept making me food from his play kitchen and bringing it to me, demanding I eat it. Then once I was done he demanded I eat more! LOL, so no nap for me. I just finished my conference call and my eyes are barely open!! I'm going to bed now and I will be drinking coffee tomorrow morning!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I had a session today at my house, so I was setting everything up and in runs Jayden saying "Pishure Pishure!". And to my surprise, he actually sat down and posed for some shots!! I'm so excited that he's starting to like the camera again. He's so handsome :)

Friday, May 14, 2010


We took Jayden in to see the immunologist today. He explained to us that the immunoglobulin levels can go up and down and there's always that chance that Jayden's test results could be normal now. He tjhinks this *may* be the case with Jayden b/c his long bout of back to back illnesses just recently started in March and we just moved into a new house in January, so it could have been his immune system readjusting. Jayden never had a history of recurrent infections. He does get sick alot, but it was never as often as it has been since March. He's been on antibiotics off and on since March! So he had some more bloodwork done (6 vials of blood!!) and the Dr is going to just evaluate Jayden's entire immune system to see if there is truly a cause for concern. Also, his GI Dr wanted to repeat some blood tests. So they were vampires today. We go back in 2 weeks for results and I'm optimistic about it! We have a VERY busy weekend planned so I'm off to bed to prepare. Hope you all have a great weekend as well!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The oil spill crisis

The oil spill is proving to be a very tough job for all of those involved in the efforts to contain the spill. This accident couldn't have happened at a worse for our economy. So many people and their livelihoods have been affected. It's so painful to hear and read about it everyday.

I've been thinking about going green for a LONG time now, but never pushed myself to do so, especially since "going gluten free" was my priority and very difficult to do! Ever since the news of the spill, I've been putting forth a better effort. Each time I go to the grocery store, I purchase 2 of the reusuable grocery bags. They are only .99 a bag and I have to say that I was surprised at how big they actually are. When they are folded up on the shelves, they look very small to me. I purchased 2 from Target the other day and the other items I purchased would have needed at least 3 plastic bags to carry them in. They all fit comfortably in one of my new reusables and I still had room for more. I wish I would have realized just how cost effective the bags were. I already feel great leaving those plastic bags behind at the store and I challenge everyone who reads this blog post to try the bags out. Do like I do and buy a bag or two each time you shop. :)

It's so funny how things work. About two weeks ago, I requested information for the work from home opportunity, not having any idea what it was all about. I was curious though. So I requested info and waited to be contacted. I think it took 5 days before I got a call and within that time frame I was considering changing our cleaning products to eco friendly products. The ingredients used would be better for the earth and safer for Jayden (Gluten free, and no harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, or phosphates). This was very important to us b/c even though Jayden is 3 yrs old, he still puts things in his mouth like a baby would. His hands STAY in his mouth. And he STAYS sick. His immune system is pretty weak, so my husband and I wanted to make a conscious effort at keeping the germs out of his mouth as much as we possibly could. We even purchased a huge thing of hand sanitizer and I soak his hands before he gets in the truck when I pick him up from school. I know that's not 100% effective, but his hands go directly in his mouth when he gets in his seat and if you could see his hands when we pick him up from school (we get him from the playground...and he's a boy!) you would understand!! LOL! Well, imagine my surprise when I find out that the work from home opportunity is partnered with a Wellness store that sells these exact items, and they have an entire Gluten Free product line! Honestly, my main reason for joining was to utilize the store for MYSELF! Starting a business from home was just an added bonus. This store helped me to convert my home faster than I thought possible. It honestly was a godsend for my family.

I browsed some other sites today to get other ideas on going green and I ran across this awesome list on EcoWomen. This information is great, especially in the wake of the Oil Spill crisis. Many people are not aware of how common it is for oil to be found in various everyday items...There are a number of surprising places where it shows up:

  • plastic — Did you know that most plastics are derived from petrochemicals (a.k.a. oil)? Yet another reason why we all should cut back on our plastic use. A good tip would be to purchase one bottle and refill it with concentrated mixes. Less waste and less oil used in the process.
  • food — Yes, that’s right. Some food additives and food colorings contain petrochemicals. A most compelling reason to ditch processed foods.
  • detergents — Soapless detergents used to wash clothes and dishes contain glycerin, which is a petrochemical. Switch to eco friendly brands.
  • candles — Most candles are made from raw petroleum. Make your romantic dinners safer and oil-free by switching to beeswax or soy.
  • nylon — Many nylons and other synthetic fibers also come from petrochemicals. Wear more natural fibers and, when you buy polar fleece, look for garments made from recycled materials. You’ll still be wearing plastic, but at least it was recycled.
  • vitamins and some medications — The active ingredient in many well-known over-the-counter meds is acetylsalicylic acids, which are made from petrochemcials. And synthetic vitamins are also made from petrochemicals.
  • makeup — Cosmetics containing ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol and benzene come from — you guessed it — petrochemicals. Search the Environmental Working Group‘s database to see how safe or hazardous your mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick are.
  • personal lubricants — The most frequently used ones on the market contain glycerin, propylene glycol, and parabens, which are derived from petrochemicals. Really, why would anyone want oil, um, there? LOL!!
  • golf balls — Those wee dimpled orbs contain polybutadiene, which is made from you-know-what.
I know that I personally was very surprised by that list! It was definitely an eye opener and it will change the way I shop, for sure!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Post! New Look!

First of all, I know my usual readers were surprised to see the new look! Ever since I calibrated my monitor over a year ago (color correction), I've hated the colors of the old blog. Besides, the lollipop picture of Jayden was so cute, but he's grown up so much since then! So you get a fresh new banner and a new color scheme that I hope is better on your eyes like it is on mine :)

Well, this blog will be filled with updates b/c alot has gone on here since the last post. Mother's Day turned out to be a good day, despite it being a day of mourning for my family and then receiving a call that my younger brother was in a bad car accident and nearly causing a deja vu. We still cried a good bit, but I know God kept us all strong and being together helped us to keep our mind on better things. My parents did the Mother's Day BBQ in their backyard and the weather was nice. It was a beautiful day.

Monday morning, Jayden's GI dr called me. She had done bloodwork on him the week before and she was calling me with the results so I knew it couldn't be great news. She checked his levels to see if he had gluten in his system, which would then tell us that we needed to re evaluate what it was we were feeding him. I expected the test to come back showing gluten b/c sometimes I just don't feel like we are doing everything right. And not to mention that he still has very grainy poop and the seizures are not stopping. Well, much to my surprise, his levels for that were normal. I had to pat myself on the back! However, the Dr was calling me b/c she tested all of his immunoglobulin levels, IgA, IgG, IgE, and IgM, and all of them are abnormally low. So she wanted him to get in to see the immunologist asap for more bloodwork. He goes on Friday afternoon, and until then I am forcing myself not to google what all of this information may mean for Jayden. I am very thankful for the group of Drs who have been working together to help Jayden and I'm sure that he will be better soon!

Finally, I'm so excited to share that I've been blessed with a wonderful work from home opportunity! I've just started, but the opportunities ahead of me are so exciting and I am so thrilled to know that I can actually be at home with Jayden and earn a steady income at the same time! God always answers our prayers!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1step forward, 2 steps back

Well, since that last MARVELOUS update, poor Jayden has contracted ANOTHER staph infection. He had just gotten over a pretty bad one in March. This one is just above the area where he had the first one. He's on antibiotics for it and it's draining, but painful for him.

So today was his followup with the GI Dr. I was looking forward to this appt b/c Jayden has been eating so well lately. Well it seemed great to me b/c he went from not eating anything, to eating 3 meals a day (although very small portions and no real variety), and lately he's been eating 2 meals a day. I could even see that he'd put on weight. So we got to the Dr this morning and he weighed 32 lbs. He was 30lbs when he got out of the hospital, so he gained 2 lbs. The Dr walked in the room and the very first thing she said was "He's lost weight and I'm very concerned about that." Jayden weighed 35lbs at his last visit 2 months ago. During that visit, the Dr told me that she was concerned about his diet and that if he lost any weight, we'd have to discuss a feeding tube. So here he is 3 lbs lighter than he was at the last appt. She sent him for blood work and we have to send in a stool sample. Depending on those tests results, he may or may not need to have another GI scope done.

We headed upstairs to get his blood drawn. Jayden usually does so well with this, but I think after being at the Dr for the staph infection and remembering that pain, he was not ready for more pain. He did cry when they drew his blood, but he definitely didn't freak out. No kicking or screaming, just an upset cry. When the nurse finished, she gave Jayden 2 spiderman stickers and a sucker. We walked out and I was opening his candy when Jayden started crying and saying "Scared, monster." and he was walking very wobbly. I figured he was being dramatic so I said "It's okay baby. It's all over, no more needles." and I continued to open his candy for him. Then he stumbled over to me and clenched on to my leg really tight and let out a loud scream and said "MONSTERS!!" Then he was hyperventilating. He'd had a seizure :( I had to sit down with him and calm him down but I couldn't sit for long b/c I was starting to have a panic attack and needed to get out of the clinic for some fresh air. Jayden was a s sack of potatoes by then. I put him in his seat and we went to grab lunch (that he wasn't even alert enough to eat) and then headed back to the clinic to meet with the dietician.

As it stands, Jayden needs 1400 calories a day. The dietician estimated that Jayden takes in approximately 650 calories or less, which is not good. I told her what all I've been doing and she said it really sounds like I'm doing all I can. She suggested some minor changes to increase his caloric intake, but really she believes that his gut is just taking a longer time to heal. She mentioned the feeding tube as well, so I do feel a bit defeated and I feel anxious b/c I have 4 weeks to get him to gain more weight and even then, that won't guarantee us that he won't still need a tube. I know it's not the worse thing in the world, but I truly expected to hear different news this morning.

We made it home and Jayden got in his bed and immediately threw up all over himself and his bed. Today has been one of those days that I just want to wake up and start all over again. And also, I went to the Dr for my back last week and the x-ray showed that something is wrong with my discs, so I'm having an MRI on Thursday. I'm doubled over in pain now, from having to carry my sack of potatoes around after his seizure today. I hope that whatever is wrong with my back is easier to fix than Jayden's Celiac and seizures are b/c he depends on me!

BTW, I just want to make sure no one is freaking out thinking that their 3 yr old is underweight and may need a feeding tube b/c s/he weighs the same or less than Jayden. He's not underweight, (although he is on the lower end of the scale in comparison to his height) but it's not a good thing for a child his age to lose weight and we already know that he has the Celiac Disease so he has intestinal damage.