Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to School

Today was Jayden's 1st day back in preschool after his summer break. He was excited to go back. He has grown so much over summer break, physically and mentally. He's talking in complete sentences, making requests, and he's completely potty trained. When school let out in May, he had the pee pee part down but due to the damage in his intestines caused by the celiac disease, he was still working on gaining control of his bowel muscles. When I told his teacher that he was in underwear and 100% potty trained she said "He's WHAT?!?!" I said "He's potty trained!" and she gave me a hug! LOL! One less pullup/diaper she has to change, so I can understand the relief!

Here's a cute video of Jayden headed to his class on the first day :)

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