Thursday, August 18, 2011


He's SO EXCITED about school! It's been 4 days now and he hasn't cried one bit. He gets out of the truck with no problem in the carpool line and when we pick him up after school he either flashes us the HUGEST smile or looks like he is not ready to come home (b/c he's had too much fun at school!).

He eats lunch at the table with his entire class and doesn't mind that his lunch is different from theirs. I'm thinking the other kids may be wishing they had Jayden's lunch! LOL! He does, however, express that he would love to eat breakfast with his class. As of right now, he eats breakfast at home (which for him is generally pediasure and a cereal bar b/c he's not a big breakfast eater) and then he sits at the table at school while the other classmates finish breakfast. He didn't mind doing this at his previous school, but now he wants to eat with his classmates. So I'm going to be spending the weekend in the kitchen baking and freezing breakfast foods for him. Maybe seeing the other kids eat will make him become a bigger breakfast eater? We'll see. He may just waste the food. LOL.

They are learning how to write letters and numbers and Jayden has already mastered the capital letter "A". He's so proud of himself. One new thing about his school this year is that he will be sent home with little homework assignments. We are excited about that b/c we like to see his progress and we love being able to work with him at home.

One of his favorite things about school is the slide on the playground. He spotted the slide during registration day and on the first day of school he told me he was going to get on that slide. When we picked him up I asked him if he got on the slide and his eyes lit up so bright and he sayed "YES!!" The next day, he climbed in the truck and said "Mommy!! The slide was all dirty!" I bet he was disappointed!

So far, it seems like he's going to do so well at this school. We have a parent-teacher conference next week so I can talk to the teacher about any concerns, but so far he has had no behavior reports sent home and his teacher told me that he is just a very sweet child and she loves having him in her class :) :)

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, he could not BE any cuter. SO.ADORABLE. So glad to hear he's doing so well!