Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back to bloggin ;)

Missed me?? (As soon as I typed in the title, the baby woke up from his nap, so this will be shorter than intended!) So, life is wonderful, yet busier, with two boys! Obviously, a 5 yr gap between babies is the way to go. Jayden is SUPER helpful and he is absolutely in love with his brother. He's never shown any jealousy. He waits his turn if the baby is upset. In fact, when Elias cries, Jayden will give him his pacifier and rub his head and say "Mommy's coming Elias. It will be ok!" Totally melts my heart! Jayden cannot wait for Elias to be able to play hide n seek with him. For now, I hold Elias (facing outwards) and we "Find" Jayden together. Elias thinks it's hilarious! Toys...that will be our main issue, I'm sure. Jayden has already broken 2 of Elias' toys. Sophie the giraffe lost her voice (squeaker) to the hands of Jayden after only being in Elias' possession for less than 24 hours. I have a feeling Elias' hands will do the same to Jayden's toys really soon. It won't be pretty! Jayden is still doing great in school. He is still in the regular pre-k classroom with the option to go to the PEI class if needed, but he never needs to go. He gets off the bus and tells us all about his day. He LOVES school. He's also reading now! 3 word sentences! Smart boy! He goes to Kumon twice a week for help with math and they also help him stay on track with reading. He's playing t ball and loves it (as long as he's winning). He's a little ladies man, for sure! Whenever someone tells him how handsome he is or how gorgeous his eyes are, he says thank you then tells me "She wikes me mama!" lol! Elias is 4 months now and is just as sweet and good natured as Jayden was at this age! He loves to be talked to. He has a head full of straight, black hair and we've gotten the "toupee'"comment on more than one occasion. He has the greatest smile and cutest voice ever. He's sleeping through the night and learning to grab for things and bring them straight to his mouth. He is a drool machine right now and I think he has 2 teeth ready to pop through on the bottom very soon. I planned to add pictures here, but I'm typing one handed so I will be back later to add some! Stay tuned.

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