Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week 1 Update

Late with this update, but it's really hard trying to find time to sit at the computer these days ;)

Anyway, the 1st week was a good one for Jayden, although he did seem EXTREMELY emotional. His notes from school said that he was crying about every little thing. He did the same thing this past weekend. At a birthday party he cried several times and then admitted later to being bullied. The same thing at Sunday school. I think perhaps some kids are teasing him and now he's getting sensitive about it :( Not sure if any of this has to do with the supplements and/or diet changes or if it's just coincidental. His attention and focus is still not where it should be at his age, but I did notice an improvement. Also, he is very easy to get back on track and to calm down when he gets upset. We've heard lots of "Yes Ma'am" and "Yes Sir" accompanied with him following directions on the first time this past week, which has been a great change. He's still behind on his high function words for kindergarten, but it will be a slow and steady stride to get him at least on track b/c of his attention issues. Last night, he enjoyed reviewing, though, and I think he actually LEARNED 6 words as opposed to memorizing what they look like.

His biggest improvement last week, however, was in the foods he will eat. Jayden is 100% gluten free and has been since he was 2.5 yrs old. Rice is (or should I say, should be) a huge staple in his diet. Not only due to his gluten intolerance, but also because he's part of a Filipino family ;) lol. Well, Jayden used to scream at the sight of rice. We were able to solve the screaming issues long ago and he'd allow the rice to share a spot on his plate but he'd refuse to touch it. If we made him try some, he'd gag. Finally, we got him to start eating it but he'd only eat one grain at a time...I kid you not. So, I decided that rice would be one of the first foods I introduced in his EAT program. The first night was tough and involved me feeding him and we were at the table for an hour. The next day, he fed himself some rice at my mom's house. By Wednesday, he was easily filling a spoon with kid sized bites of rice and feeding himself with no problem. SUCCESS!

He's having no issues at all taking his supplements. The fish oil, he wants straight off a spoon b/c he said it makes his smoothie taste funny. He complained of the oily texture at first but now he doesn't care. He always asks for an entire banana in his smoothie so we struggle with getting the smoothie to freely flow through his straw. I'm going to get him a smoothie cup today. Also, I just purchased a PlanetBox lunch box from a friend of mine so we can start to send a healthier and fresher lunch for him. His first request was for celery sticks and they fit perfectly inside the lunch box.

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