Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Set back

Well, it's really not a set back, per say, but proof that one of the supplements we've added to his diet is actually working big time for him.

This past weekend, we started him on a supplement that is supposed to help him focus and to enhance his mental concentration. He is hyper and, while that does effect his learning, we feel that his lack of focus/concentration is what we need to work on because he is still only 5 yrs old. 5 yr old boys are supposed to by hyper ;) So we looked for ways to help him naturally, without medication. This supplement, called Attentive Child, contains DMAE, magnesium, L-Aspartate, and Grape seed extract all of which work to provide brain support and health.

We gave him his first chewable on Saturday and we noticed results by that night. He normally talks a lot, but usually it was in a silly tone and he'd ramble about non sense. He wouldn't always carry a conversation, pretty much just making a lot of noise. By Saturday night, he was speaking in a normal tone, and starting and carrying conversations. He even asked a lot of questions, like he was eager (and willing) to learn. He enjoyed showing us tricks (like hopping on one foot or doing a cartwheel) as opposed to running around playing Zombies and Super heroes all day. It never slowed him down, it just helped him to focus so instead of running around non stop, he spent more time working and paying attention to details. This morning's conversation is one I want to keep in my memory forever...My husband was laid off in May so he was home with the kids while I worked. Well he started a new job today so I did the morning school routine with Jayden and the conversation went a little like this:

Jayden: Mommy, you're home now?
Me: Yes!
Jayden: Yay! Are you going to come outside with me to wait for my bus?
Me: I sure am!
Jayden: YAY!!!
***My husband walked downstairs dressed in a suit. This wasn't the first time Jayden saw his Daddy in a suit b/c my husband had been going on several interviews and Jayden never questioned it.***
Jayden: (upon seeing his Daddy) Daddy, you got a job??
Daddy: Daddy did get a job Jayden!
Jayden: Where is your job?
Daddy: It's in Metairie
Jayden: Oh I like Metairie. Metairie is a nice place! (it really is) Have a good day Daddy!!

Seriously! He's never been able to focus or concentrate long enough to let his mind put two and two together. In that short time, he noticed that I was getting him ready for school and Daddy was dressed to go somewhere so obviously Daddy got a job and Mommy's home now to get him ready in the mornings :) He still talks non stop, but it has been nothing but sensible conversation...until this afternoon.

He JUMPED off the bus and RAN inside. Ok, cool. He immediately asked for a snack, which he does everyday, but he was literally one step behind me the entire way and kept talking about what he wanted and when he would get it. I asked him to calm down and sit at the table. It took him a while to get there. His attention kept getting pulled to other things. After he had his snack he went in his room and came down with a super hero cape and started running through the house. I corrected him and told him if he wanted to play like that it had to be in his room so he wouldn't hurt the baby. He didn't listen. He hurt the baby. He was back to talking in his silly, high pitched voice and not using English, just making noises (He's actually in the tub now, still doing that). Finally, I told him to sit at his desk so we could do some homework. I was clearing his desk and he was touching every.single.thing in sight. At that moment I made a mental note to ask my husband if he gave Jayden the Attentive Child this morning (he lays out the supplements with Jayden's breakfast). I handed him a simple worksheet and attempted to explain the simple directions. He wouldn't (or couldn't) listen. He never got it. I tried a different worksheet and actually had to do it with him. Towards the end, he got the last two on his own, but I could tell he wasn't concentrating. He kept whining saying he was tired and wanted to go to bed, but the minute I told him that he was done with his homework, he was back to running through the house and making the wild noises.

My husband got home from work and I asked him if he remembered rather he gave Jayden the supplement or not and he said he forgot. YIKES!! Obviously, this is something that Jayden needs to help his mind to slow down and focus. We actually only purchased a small bottle of the supplement to be sure that it would help him, but now we know. I'm about to order a bigger bottle. Otherwise, he's been doing wonderful and he's really eating more and accepting new foods without any problem.

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