Monday, July 30, 2007

First Blog Entry

I'm back!!! For those who remember, I did have a blog during the adoption process, but I disappeared once we came home with J. Well I'll admit it...being a new mommy is HARD!!!! Sleepless nights lasted only 2 months, which is great I've heard, but it took many more months for me to get readjusted to being awake during the day! LOL! Well he's 8 months old now, so can I get you to believe t took me 6 months to readjust??

He's getting so big. He sits unassisted, crawls like a pro, pulls to standing, says Bye Bye, and loves playing with the dogs. He keeps us very busy now that he's mobile. He has two teeth at the bottom and he loves to eat. We recently found that we have to be extremely careful with what he eats b/c he has MSPI (Milk Soy Protein Intolerance). Other than that he is completely perfect and is the love of our lives!


Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute!! He's one handsome little boy.

Renee & Paul said...

He's just beautiful!! He must be such a joy to be around. That smile...I tell ya :)

BlessedWithDaughters said...

What a gorgeous baby boy! I love your pics and your story.

Totally Nosy Question: what do you feed a child who likes to eat, but has MSPI? Just wondering, since I've dealt with reflux and milk/soy allergies, but never all of that WITH the protein intolerance as well!


Emily said...

I LOVE looking at your baby...he is just gorgeous! Those eyes just melt me...can't wait to read all your fun stories here!

Jenia said...

Mindy, his main source of nutrition at this point is his formula which is Alimentum. He is expected to outgrow the MSPI by 1 yr, so we will see how that goes. As far as solids goes, his menu is definitely limited, but he doesn't mind. We feed him either Earth's Best or Beechnut baby food. All of Beechnut products are soy free and I read the labels to be sure there are no milk or egg products. But I've mainly been cooking his food (frozen veggies, sweet potatoes, over cooked pasta) and we feed him the baby food on nights that I don't cook. Like I said, his menu is limited but what he can eat, he eats alot of! LOL!