Monday, September 17, 2007

More cute shots!

As you can see, I've been having lots of fun with my camera!! I have lots of shots begging to be framed, so I'm going to upload them to shutterfly and order a few prints. I'm tempted to blow up the last shot and put it on my wall...What do you think?


Anita said...

Cute! I didn't know Jayden was a thumbsucker! Those are the best babies I've heard! :) Definitely frame it! Then give it to him when he graduates from high school, or his wife on their wedding day!

Anonymous said...

I love the last picture! He is such a cutie.

L L (skyangel) said...

He has the most beautiful eyes and sweetest smile!

definitely keep the 'thumbsucker" pic for future use.

Emily said... have a real talent, Nia!