Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The move is done!!!

I am SO HAPPY that this is all over!! Life can now return to normal! LOL ;)

I am in love with our new house. It is so beautiful and roomy. The open floor plan is awesome and I feel so comfortable. I hadn't noticed but the paint on the walls is a pretty beige color throughout the house so we don't have to rush into painting rooms. We do plan to paint J's room next week b/c beige does not go well with his Nautical theme. We plan to redo his stripes which should be fun. Last time we did this was before he was born, but now we have to tackle this with a busy baby in the house! Also we will try to paint the kitchen, which I expect to be tough b/c we have 9 ft ceilings! No step ladder will get us up there! Those are the only two rooms we plan to change so far. I like the beige colors in our living room b/c it goes great with our red couch and love seat. Also I've already put the guest room/office together and the beige looks great in there. Also I will decorate around the beige walls in our room. I do plan to add some darker brown accents to the wall to make it "pop". LOL, Can you tell I've been glued to HGTV lately? I'm still trying to decide if I want to change the color in our master bathroom yet.... I'll post pics in the future ;)

Ok I'm sure you all are just screaming at me to post this great news huh?? Ok Ok...J said MAMA!!! He started saying it the week before we moved! At first I thought it was a fluke, but now he says it when he sees me. He could just be sitting in his room playing and if I walk in he turns around and says ma ma ma ma ma and crawls to me...But that's not all!! When I posted my last blog, that was the only great news I had for you but now I have more!! HE'S WALKING!!!! J took his first wobbly steps on Saturday while we were moving in the new house. He has been standing up on his own without pulling up on anything for the past month now. He hates being on his hands and knees so he was determined to walk. I think the carpet in the new house gave him the courage to take those steps. He takes about 3 steps at a time before falling but can walk an entire room if I hold his hand. It's very funny to look at b/c he is so tiny and does not look like he should be walking. I'm so proud of him! I'll try to catch that on video soon. I hope everyone is doing fine and getting prepared for the holidays that are quickly approaching!


BlessedWithDaughters said...

I love it! So happy for you and Jayden..."Mama" is SUCH a huge deal!

Three cheers!


L L (skyangel) said...


Hi, i am skyangel on adoptiontalk.

Woo Hoo! Jayden said Mama! And walking! pretty soon he will be running...

Your house is beautiful!