Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

J loves to sing and perform the Itsy Bitsy Spider. So much that we sing it SEVERAL times a day. It also stops many tantrums as soon as they start. I loved the Itsy Bitsy Spider....until it bit my baby!!

Monday morning, J slept in until 10:30am. I actually had to go into his room and wake him up. I didn't notice anything different on my handsome boy's face. I undressed him and put him in the tub for his bath. When I took him out, my friend knocked on the door, so I carried him, wrapped in a towel, to let her in. Then I took him to his room to get him dressed. Once I dressed him I put him down on his floor and I went into the living room with my friend. He was in his room for about 3 minutes. I heard no crying, so fall, nothing...He came out of his room and gave me a hug and I noticed a HUGE red bump on his head. I immediately thought that he fell the day before at my aunt's house and that I had just noticed the knot. But then it kept growing and getting more and more red, so then I knew that it had to have just happened. So as a joke, I put his helmet on his head, thinking maybe he bumped it in his room. So later that day, I had a photo shoot and Daddy stayed home with J. He called me on my cell and said that he thought J should go to the ER b/c the bump was getting bigger and more red. I hurried home after the shoot and as soon as I walked in the door J started vomitting. We dropped everything and headed to the ER. The bump surely had gotten bigger within the two hours that I was at my shoot. While sitting in the ER, I noticed two little knicks on top of the bump (which was as wide as 3 inches and an inch high at this point. By then I knew it was a spider bite. The ER Dr asked me if he'd been outside that day b/c she said it could just be a mosquito bite b/c spiders won't bite unless provoked. I said that if a baby felt someothing crawl on his head, I'm sure he grabbed at it and provoked it. She made sure it wasn't infected and told us to give him benedryl and to keep an eye on the bump to see if it continues to swell. It went down overnight after some benedryl and this morning, I found the culprit. It was a medium sized spider and it was black, but I'm sure it was harmless b/c J is fine. Here are few pictures of the bite taken last night. This was the best angle I could get b/c he would not let anyone touch his head. The bump was 5 times bigger on Monday, so it was pretty big!


L L said...

Poor J! Spiders seem to be everywhere these days. There is another mom's blog that i read and her little girl just got bitten by a spider a few weeks ago. So scary!So glad that J is doing alright!

PeWee said...

Well, he sure doesn't see phased by any of it these pics! He's such a happy baby! Poor little guy.