Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poor J-Man :(

He's really sick, but getting a little better...

Friday morning he woke up crying, which is NOT like him at all. He usually wakes up singing, playing, or saying Mom Mom constantly. So when I heard him wake up whining I knew something was wrong. He felt a little warm, so I gave him some Motrin. We had to leave at nonn on Friday to drive to Memphis for a photography seminar I was attending. We got on the road and J slept like a log. When we got to the hotel (we stayed at the Memphis Hilton and it's awesome!) he was just fine, looking out of our hotel room window at the ducks in the pond, saying WOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW and "kack kack" (Quack quack). I grabbed my things and left Daddy and J for the night. We had a little break in the seminar so I ran to the room to see what they were up to and Daddy had J tucked in bed and he looked very concerned. He said J had been trembling and his skin was burning up :( I took his temp and it was 103. Daddy ran to walgreens and got some Motrin and told me to go back to the seminar. The seminar was done at 11 and I got back to the room and J's temp went up higher, even after the Motirn. It was then at 105. So off to the ER we went. We got there and the triage nurse gave J some motrin and told us to undress him. Then they called us to the back and put us in an exam room, where we waited for a Dr...and waited....and waited...and waited for over an hour. Not one single person came in the room to check on him. I was so angry!! I asked a nurse walking past the room to bring us a form to sign to leave without being seen. She gladly bought the form (one less patient they had to see huh?) and I signed it, while she said that she believes he was feeling better. I had to tone her out b/c I was gfoing to tell her some nasty things b/c my child was NOT properly treated. He was IGNORED! We went back to the hotel and got a few hours of sleep before getting on the road. We stopped for lunch, but J wouldn't touch it. We figured it's his teeth coming in b/c he's cutting 2 molars at once. I gave him some more Motrin and we got on the road. Once we got home J cried NON STOP and grabbed his mouth until bedtime. He even whined in his sleep. Sunday was the same and he was still refusing any food. I was giving him motrin/tylenol around the clock, teething tablets, and anbesol, but nothing helped him. He was miserable and so was I. Monday morning he woke up crying again and had a 102 fever, so we went to the Dr. He fell asleep in the exam room and I peeked in his mouth and saw white blisters all over! It was my first time noticing them b/c he wouldn't let anything touch his mouth! So then I knew why he had been so miserable. The Dr prescribed him 3 different meds for the blisters and a maalox/lidocaine mixture to numb the pain. His gums are VERY swollen and red. The teeth that have been in his mouth for months now look like they are just peeking through the gums, just to give you an idea of how swollen they are. It's so hard to watch him in pain like this. He is so hungry but can't chew, and doesn't understand that. He wants nuggets but he can't chew them. Today he was asking for his fruit snacks. I gave him one and it hurt his mouth so badly! He threw it down and then tried to pick it up again and eat it b/c he really wants it. That is so hard to watch!! I just want to take all of his pain away. Please keep him in your prayers.

Well we did make something out of the 2 hours wasted in the hospital ER...When time is being wasted, what's a photographer mom to do?? Take pictures of course!!

And a little video of my boy being silly even with a fever of 104. He thought I was taking his picture at first so he say "Cheese!" He was eating pretend food b/c he's so hungry :(


L L said...

Poor little Jman...between the spider bite and the blisters he has had a rough start of summer. He is in my prayers.

PeWee said...

And yet "still" smiling and happy. What a sweetie! Hang in there Mom!