Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh Boy!!

So, J has been using the word "No" now for as long as I can remember. It was one of the words that he started to use and never stopped. Only, he didn't use it in the sense that other kids used it. It was his way of telling us what he wants. We have to use the process of elimination and he would simply say "No" until we show him what he wants.

Well, today he realized the true power behind the word No. Here is how most of our day went...

J, pick up your toys..."NO!"
J, eat your food..."NO!"
J, time for bed..."NO!"
J, give mommy a kiss..."NO!!" =(

Me no likey!


Jess said...


I want to first say that your son is ADORABLE. He's such a cute little guy!!

A friend gave me your blog (Renee) because we have a son who shares many of your son's issues and I have begun wondering about SPD. My son doesn't seem to have any delays, but he is a "difficult child" to the MAX and as he gets older (he's almost 18m) I'm starting to woner if something is up. Actually, we've wondered if something was up for a while, ever since we started him on solid foods and he refused to eat and though we could force him to eat, ended up dx with FTT for a time (though he was getting enough cal.).

I was wondering if you'd be willing to email with me about SPD a little? Really, I'm just wondering if I'm crazy or if I need to be pushing for an EI evaluation or something from my Ped (we go for our 18m check on Mon)....

My email is

Deanna said...

I remember those days! My mom taught my oldest "NO" and since then that was his word of choice...thanks grandma :)

It's a challenging milestone but hang in there!