Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For Miss Lou...

Or as Jayden calls you, "Woo Ahn"

I want to thank you for being the best therapist, in my (and my husband's) opinion, on Jayden's team. You are so passionate about your job and show your concern and love for the kids you take on. You've done more for Jayden in 6 weeks, than the other therapists have done in 1 year. You never let Jayden's "off days" or unnecessary roughness get in the way of helping him to achieve his goals. If something doesn't seem to work the way we expected it to, you tell me that you will "go home and brainstorm" and you honestly do just that. At the next appt, you come armed with more information and advice. I know that you are sad that Jayden will have to transition out of EI next month and I know that you would love to continue working with him, and we feel the same way! We will miss you terribly, but you've equipped us with TONS of knowledge and items to help Jayden out with his sensory issues. Thank you so much for the countless handouts, developmental charts, the copy of the Sensory Smart Child has Fun, the ear plugs (for Jayden folks!!), and the noise reduction headset (again, for Jayden although I did put them on today during a tantrum!). Finally, I appreciate the way you offered to step up and help with his behavioral issues, even though it's not what you are trained to do. That's called going above and beyond and I thank you for it.

So, Miss Lou Ann, we LOVE YOU and we will miss you when Jayden transitions out of Early Intervention next month, but I thank God for sending you our way for the short time that He did.

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