Monday, March 22, 2010

My baby

He's finally feeling better. Still not eating at all, but his referral has already been sent in to the insurance company for a dietician and we just have to wait on the approval. Or the denial. The representative I spoke with believes that it will be covered b/c of his celiac diagnosis, but she couldn't be sure. So we just wait and see. If we cannot get him eating soon, he will need a feeding tube. I have no idea how he's not starving, but he drinks his milk so that must tie him over. That and the cupcake he had yesterday at his cousin's birthday party! Yep! My big boy was able to enjoy a cupcake at a birthday party thanks to his wonderful Aunt who baked a batch of gluten free cupcakes especially for him. Oh he was so excited. I gave him his cupcake and he happily walked into the living room and sat indian style with the rest of the kids and enjoyed hos treat. It brought tears to my eyes. I think it helped that he saw that his cupcake came from the same place that the others came from, and not out of his bag. I need to figure out a plan to get my baby a cupcake at every party he goes to from now on. It may mean baking it at home, smuggling it into the truck, and then sneaking it onto the birthday child's cake table when Jayden isn't looking. And I may have to call ahead to ask about the cake colors b/c I'm pretty sure that's important too ;) Anything to see him smile the way he did yesterday...anything for my baby :

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