Monday, June 28, 2010

Blogger Blessings

I love blogs. These days, you can find a blog based on anything you come across in your life. I've found blogs on adoption. Blogs of moms with children who have Celiac. Blogs of moms with epileptic children. Blogs of photographers. Blogs of Stay at home moms. Blogs of moms with autistic kids. Blogs about going green. You name it, I bet you can find a blog on it.

I love blogging. I started back in 2006, just before we adopted Jayden. I used it as an online journal of sorts. I don't think I had many readers at all, but that wasn't important to me at the time. My main goal was to jot down things as they happened during our adoption process, so that I wouldn't forget them. Then when Jayden came home, I continued to use it as a journal. My few readers (as far as I knew) were my friends from the adoption forum. I loved having readers, but still, my main goal was to write down memories. By the time Jayden was a year old, we noticed behavior problems and developmental delays. Every Dr we saw, asked for a detailed history: when did he sleep through the night, when did he say his first word, take his first steps, answer to his name, etc. I didn't have to think long and hard on this b/c it was all on the blog. In fact, just by re reading the blog entries, I saw that Jayden presented several red flags for autism. I had no idea that everything I'd blogged about, just for memories, would serve as the greatest tool to get Jayden the help he needed. At that point, blogging took on a whole new meaning for me. Not only is it excellent for journal purposes, but the ability to reach out to those parents who, like me, searched and searched the internet for answers and only found the broad description of what "could" be wrong with their child. I would much rather hear from an actual person who has been there, done that. And I've found that in blogging.

Through my blog, I've met and actually become good friends with a few people who have found my blog. Many have similar situations and some just want to be there for support. I truly appreciate them! I know I've come across some bloggers who hesitate to put out too much personal information on the web about their child's condition. I can totally understand that b/c the web can be a scary place. At one point, I even took to censoring things I said about Jayden here on my blog, but then I didn't really like blogging as much. I feel that by being completely honest about Jayden's condition, I can possibly help other parents who find themselves in similar condition. And not only that...perhaps someone reading my blog could offer some life altering advice to ME for Jayden! It just recently happened for a fellow blogging friend of mine :)

Last week, Lyndsay shared on her blog some strange facial tics that her 2 yr old started having all of a sudden. She has been fighting for some time now to figure out why his asthma was so bad and not improving with medications. Her mommy instinct told her that there was a missing piece that the Drs weren't finding. She blogged about their rough days and through those posts, she had several people praying for her. Little did she know that she actually had someone searching the internet, on her behalf, to help her to help her baby! This person sent Lyndsay an email in the middle of the night with information that would essentially be the MISSING PIECE to her son's health issues! In less than 48 hours of receiving that email and following the advice given in the link, her son made a 100% recovery AT HOME! What a blessing!!

What I believe makes this so special is that Lyndsay didn't blog about the issues expecting someone to email her with a cure. I'm sure she blogged about it b/c it was heavy on her mind (who wants to watch their baby suffer??) and she wanted prayers and some support. But for someone to actually send her a cure?! That's a blessing!! And had she not been so honest with her son's health issues, it would have been a cure that was left under the covers, probably never to be found. I am so happy for Lyndsay and so thankful to the young lady who sent that information to her in her time of need.

This just goes to show you that you never know WHO is reading your blogs and exactly what their intentions are. I love my blog and appreciate all of my followers and readers, whoever they are. BLOGGING ROCKS!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, its Gee Gee, Lyndsay's Mom. Jayden is such a big boy now! Lynds and I were talking about you the other day about when Jayden first came to you & your husband and how badly you wanted him. Lynds said that God send your baby to the PERFECT mom to deal with his health issues. You have been so generous in sharing your knowledge and experience with Lynds. Today was her birthday and she had a hugely stressful day. Teagan is NOT getting better and is actually getting worse with speech problems, more tics, gait problems. She is totally frantic with worry. She now thinks he may have gotten the wrong vaccinations - which was just a few days before all this started. She had planned to bring the family to Orange Beach to visit next week, but with all that is going on I'm sure that won't happen. I hurt for Lynds, worry about Teagan, and feel sorry for myself that they aren't coming to visit! Anyway, your son is adorable and thank you for being such a good friend to Lynds.

Mommy said...

Lots of people were always telling us that we were the PERFECT parents for Jayden. Of course, it was hard for me to agree b/c I do have my flaws, as do most parents ;) But now that I look back at how long we've been fighting for his health and his development despite the countless people and health professionals who told us that everything he was going through was normal. I cannot imagine where he would be now had I stopped fighting for him. Our determination to help our son to feel better helped the Drs to uncover the hidden health issues. Health issues that he will have to live with for life. Ironically, most of Jayden's issues became apparent to us after his 18 month immunizations. He was actually admitted into the hospital on my birthday back in '08. I know the pain that Lyndsay is feeling and I hate that she has to endure it. I do think that she is on the right track with the vaccinations though and I pray that the detox works for Teagan (((HUGS)))