Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from Spiderman!

This definitely wasn't my first choice in costumes for Jayden but gone are the days where I can pick out the cutest costume for my little guy. He knew he wanted to be Spiderman right away. And since his birthday party will be a Spiderman theme, he can wear it more than once (although I am sure he will be begging to wear it EVERYDAY!). If I'm being honest, I don't like the costume one bit! I hate that the mask covers his entire adorable face. No one will see his beautiful smile. There was a mask for toddlers that only went over his eyes and head, but my husband said it just wasn't authentic Spidey! LOL! So I'm hoping for a costume that doesn't cover his face next year, but I have a boy so the chances of that happening are slim to NONE! I think Jayden will nix the mask anyway once he realizes that he can't get candy through it tonight! LOL! Here's a look back at his previous Halloween costumes...

2008 (1st Halloween, 10 months old)

2008, my snuggle bear

2009, DJ Lance Rock (I made the costume myself!)

And a few pictures from him carving his pumpkin a few weeks ago :)

Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!!

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