Thursday, February 3, 2011

We must be crazy...

Today we are moving. A 3 day process that will (hopefully) end on Saturday. This rental house has mice (along with other issues that we are not willing to live with) so we decided not to renew the lease and found a nicer place on the waterfront. With the death of my grandfather and Jayden being so sick with pneumonia, we contemplated putting off the move until things got better, but that would mean paying rent at two places b/c we already signed the lease to begin on the 3rd, which is today. Besides, who's to say that things will be better by next week? We first wanted to move on the 22nd, but Jayden was sick, so we put it off until the 3rd and now he's sicker. Don't get me wrong, I'm not believing for one second that my baby will still be so sick by next week, but I can see that it's not in our best interest to put off the move any longer, especially with so many friends and family around to help. My cousin has been VERY helpful this week. Keeping my sick baby while I attended classes and Mike was out of town on business. My professors have been so understanding and actually surprised that I still managed to make it to class this week with everything going on. I'm surprised as well. Despite all of the stress in our life right now, if I peek my head outside of this cloudy box, I see an abundance of blessings surrounding me. The Lord made sure we didn't have to endure this alone.

So today we move, mourn, and care for our sick baby (who is doing much better, just still extremely weak and tired). It sounds like a lot (it IS a lot) but we are equipped and ready to take it on. This is the road we have been led to and I pray and trust that it will lead to a better 2011!

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Jess said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. And Jayden's illness to boot! :(

Hoping the move will bring great things your way!