Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Journal Entry

J did something last night that seriously made my heart melt. I've been replaying it back in my mind since then, so I figured I need to record this info somewhere so that I can revisit it in the future.

Yesterday evening, I left J home with Daddy while I ran out to get us some dinner and to pick up J's prescription. When I got home I walked in the living room and they were both cuddled up on the couch watching TV. J looked up and saw me. He proceeded to push his way off of Daddy's lap. Once he got to his feet, he looked at me and squealed then ran full speed with his arms wide open and the biggest, cutest smile on his face!! He actually ran into my arms!! My heart melted. I love that little boy so much!


Colette said...

What a wonderful post...I have tears streaming down my face! I am so looking forward to that day! julian is only 3 months old, so I have a way to go. Thanks for sharing!

L L (skyangel) said...

I can just imagine that feeling! He adores his mommy!!!