Friday, November 2, 2007

Naughty blogger!!!

I've been such a bad blogger lately! I apologize. One evening I came on to update the blog, but it wouldn't accept my new post, so I gave up and forgot to come back and try again. So let's catch up....The last time I posted was J's video of him taking about 9 steps right? Well now he's taking 15-20 steps at once before MAKING himself plop down, so basically he's a toddler! He refuses to crawl anymore. He puts his hands on the floor to balance himself then stands up and walks all around. He walked through Daddy's office for Halloween and everyone was giving hims candy! He really did get lots of candy! Too bad he cant eat it though, so I'll just use it to stuff his goodie bags for his birthday party ;)

I'm mailing out invitations today in hopes of giving out of town family enough time to plan to come down for his birthday party. And since I mentioned that, I'll use my blog as a place to vent something that has been bothering me for some time now. When I brought J home from the hospital, my mom gave me a shower 2 weeks later. My mom's side of the family showed up (my mom only has 2 sisters) some of her cousins came and my grandmother came. My dad's family is the larger side (he has 7 siblings and they all have kids and their kids have kids)The only people that came from my dad's side was one of my aunt's and my grandmother who recently passed in May. We are talking about a family that usually packs the house for ANY occasion so I was surprised when no one came. I felt a little sad about it b/c I felt like perhaps they didn't think my shower was a big deal since I adopted my baby. But I was far too over the moon with excitement about my son, so that sadness soon was pushed behind me. But then his christening came up. It was a month after my grandma passed away. I even went through the trouble of scheduling his christening on the day after one of my cousin's wedding b/c I knew the family would be in town for the weekend. The entire family was at the wedding, but the only one's who showed up for J's christening and the little party afterwards was his godmother and my aunt from my mom's side of the family and one of my cousins with her kids. This time I felt seriously upset b/c my aunt baked a cake, my mom purchased balloons, and even had out some finger foods. No one bothered to come or even call. I just don't know what to think about that at all, but I have a feeling this is going to happen for his party, which is why I'm sending out invites today, a month early. Perhaps I should have sent them 2 months early. I will be upset if his family does not come to celebrate his first birthday with him, but it won't stop me from celebrating my baby's first year! I am inviting all of my friends and their children who are all anxious and can't wait to meet J or see him again. I am ordering some coloring books as favors and usually I'd have to order 50 plus if I planned on having all of the kids in the family to show up, but since I don't expect them to come, I'm only ordering 20 of them. I have a feeling I won't regret it.

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