Monday, October 13, 2008

Early Intervention

Tomorrow, a team of therapists will come over to start the evaluation to see if J is eligible for the EI program. He will be seen by an occupational therapist, a speech therapit, and a feeding therapist. I hope the feeding therapist comes armed with weapons b/c J will give her a good fight! He has to be 25% delayed in any area, such as social, cognitive, speech, feeding in order to get into the program. I believe he'll get in mainly for the feeding issues and then for speech. I really don't think he's socially delayed at all, but what do I know?? I'm just his mom! The lady told me I will know if he's accepted immediately after the evaluation and they will give me his results on all fronts. Tomorrow is our first meeting but I think it will be mostly paperwork and he probably won't be evaluated until our second visit. I am so happy they come to us though b/c it will be less stress for both of us. I will keep everyone posted.

I'll try to come back later to post about our awesome weekend in Memphis!

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