Monday, November 24, 2008

Cheese please!!

And that would be me, begging Jayden to stand or sit still for a picture! He hates to be photographed with my p&s and with my SLR, I guess b/c he knows those mean business. When I pull out my big, black monster (SLR) he just ignores me until I put it away! LOL! Oh but pull out the camera phone and he poses and smiles and all! So I have a phone full of CUTE 1.8 megapixel pictures of my child that I can't do a single thing with! Of course, I still try my luck at getting a great picture of him every now and then. A few nights ago we were headed out to meet some friends. The temperature outside was in the low 30s, so we bundled Jayden up in his Yo Gabba Gabba gear. He was so cute so I felt it was the perfect opportunity for pictures. He disagreed...

It may seem like he's cooperating here and letting me get a picture of his hat, but that's not so...he's crying b/c he doesn't want his picture taken.

In the middle of his tantrum he points to the fridge requesting some juice...Ahhhh, I have an idea!!

"Say cheese for momma and you can have your juice!" Viola!!!

It's so much easier to take his picture when he's asleep...

We took his Christmas pictures this past weekend and they turned out well even considering the fact that he didn't have a nap. We had a few funny and cute outtakes that I will certainly share here soon.

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Michelle said...

I've gotta show Little Man his Brobe hat and mittens! CUTE!

I love how the juice got him to smile. :)