Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well we are back from MO! Actually we got home on Tuesday night, just in time to see the results from the election :) Everyone in the house is sick though. Daddy has allergy symptoms and J and I are sharing cold symptoms. J did AWESOME in the childcare at the resort though. A worker there fell in love with him and she admitted to favoring J both nights. I already knew it though b/c when I checked on him she always had him in her lap and then he didn't want to leave her when I went to pick him up the 2nd night! She was really sweet and she walked him down to the truck just before we left Tuesday morning. I have lots of pictures to share, but I'll get them on here soon, I promise.

I really wanted to post here to let you know that J is trying really hard lately to become more verbal. Last night we stopped at our favorite buffet with intentions to get some soup to go since we know J has a hard time at loud places. Well we got there and there were only 2 or 3 other tables seated, so we decided to eat there since it would be cheaper for us. J sat in his hook-on highchair on the inside of the booth. This has helped TREMENDOUSLY with his behavior and anxiety in restaurants. I believe it's because he is actually inside the table with us and can sit right beside me, away from the traffic in the restaurant. It holds kids up to 37lbs and J is currently 28, so we have some good time with this seat and it's very safe to use (provided you are using a stable table). Anyway, we were sitting at the table and Daddy was at the bar getting some food. J spotted Daddy and yells "Mom!!" I said "No that's Daddy." J waves his hand and says "Hiiiiii Da yeeeee!! Mmmmmm whaaaa!!" He blew a kiss to Daddy :) Then when Daddy got to the table J said "Aye ay ay ay yub yU!" Ok ok, I'll translate...He is definitely trying to say "I love you." We know this b/c he says it after he gives us a hug or a kiss and it's always said in the same tone. Also, during our 10 hour drive, he demanded to only watch his ABC video "A E E!!" or his Nemo video "E O!!!" He knows every single song on the ABC video, but cannot get words out, only sounds. He tries so hard at getting the words but sevreal just seem to be too complex for him. At times, when he tries to say something he gets frustrated and starts screaming. Before we knew of the issues he is having, we would just blame the screaming on bad behavior and tell him to stop screaming, instead of trying to figure out what the problem was. So when we heard him trying to say a word, we would help him to pronounce it. He tried and tried, but then just went back to making sounds. And he can sing entire songs with just sounds. Daddy thought it was weird, but J has memorized that entire 90 minute DVD and if he could talk, I'm sure he would sing the entire thing. His next speech therapy session is on Monday and I will need to ask the therapist about getting a chew toy for him b/c I'm sure it would aid in his oral-motor exercises and I've also noticed that he has a constant need to put things in his mouth, including clothes, toys, shoes, and ever door stops! So I want to get him some things that are meant for him to chew on b/c I surely don't want him back in the hospital with stomatitis. Well that's all from us now, I'll keep you posted on his progress.

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