Tuesday, December 30, 2008

10 on Tuesday

1. Can't believe that 2008 is almost over...already?!?! Where has this year gone??
2. I got a new look for 2009. Cut my hair off and wearing it natural. However, I found out today that the Lupron left a nice sized bald spot in my head...the size of a half dollar =( Everytime I stick my hand back there and touch it, I feel sick! Lupron sucks.
3. My husband got orders today. They want us to be in IL by April 30, 2009...
4. So that would give us less than 4 months to get this house on the market and sold, and I'd have to slap all of my photography clients in the face with the insane news.
5. My husband is "technically" on leave until after the New Year, so he can still submit his retirement paperwork on the 1st and just pray that it's accepted. If not, then we have to get to work, immediately...
6. If he cannot retire, it looks like he will be going to IL alone for a few months and J and I will stay behind until the house sells.
7. Not how we hope to start the New Year, but we do trust in God's plan and we are aware that there are people who are going through things SO MUCH WORSE than we are. We are actually blessed.
8. I just think my husband is tired and ready to be done...He deserves to be done. But our God knows better.
9. Going to the store today to get a few heads of cabbage and some black eyed peas for our NYE dinner.
10. Probably a few stiff drinks as well... they may be needed!

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