Monday, December 29, 2008

This and That...

First of all, Emilie passed away on Christmas Eve. Her services were today and I have not been able to stop thinking of her and her family. Please say a prayer for her family, as they cope with the loss of a mother and a wife.

Christmas for us was very laid back, but I'm so thankful for that! J does not completely understand Christmas yet, anyway, so we didn't feel the need to make a big deal out of getting him loads of gifts this year. He also already has a toybox filled to the reams with toys that he is just now learning to play with, so I couldn't imagine adding more to the mix. We did get him a train table, some trains, and a leapster game that he LOVES...My mom also gave him more trains, so his train collection has grown this past week! So far, he has James, Gordon, Skarloey, Splatter, Lady, Percy, Henry, and Diesel. He also has $75 in giftcards to Walmart so I know he'll want to add more trains to the mix! LOL! I am so glad that everyone else listened to my request and got him either clothes or books this year. We will be moving within the next year so we definitely didn't want to add to the load we will have to carry! He had a great day opening gifts and playing with his trains and he behaved really well. He even started to use three new words, "More" which sounds more like "mUUUUUHHH!", "Open", and "Help". He's also started to say "drink" although it sounds more like "Sway", but I know what he means. I think J is mainly having trouble pronouncing his words, which is why he hardly talks, but he's trying and I'm doing better at listening to him and understanding what it is he wants. As of right now, I am the only person who can understand most of anything that he says. Maybe that's why he's such a momma's boy??

As for me, I have been so exhausted. I am convinced that Lupron is hell in a syringe!! I have been out of commision ever since Christmas morning. It took forever for me to drag myself out of bed. Then on Friday, nothing I did could wake me up and I felt like crap. I kept having hot flashes and sweating through all of my tops, so we just packed up and came home so I could at least try to be comfortable. HA!! That was a joke! There was no getting comfortable for me. I kept having the hot flashes and needing to change my shirt and I cannot sleep, even though I'm DEAD tired!! And once I finally get to sleep, I have another darn hot flash and soak through my shirt and have to wake up and change. And then spend the next hour or so counting to try and fall alseep. Yeah...last night I think I counted to 3,499 and then I just stopped, but I wasn't asleep yet! UGH! My appt to check on the cyst was this morning and the cyst is definitely smaller and almost completely gone. So I didn't need another injection...PRAISE GOD!! Now I just have to wait until the rest of the drug is out of my system. I can't wait to get my energy back. I have so much on my to do list, including editing a photo shoot and then a newborn shoot at the end of this week!

So, Thursday is the big day. We will find out whether or not my husband can retire from the Air Force. He is very anxious and I know NYE will be spent sitting at home, watching the clock and making sure there are no issues with our internet connection b/c at 12:01am, Jan 1, my husband wants to try and submit his retirement paperwork. If it doesn't work from our home computer, he will go into the office later that morning to submit. We are prepared for whatever comes at us, but of course, we would be so happy if he could just retire and be done with the military.

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Deanna said...

Oh Nia, I so hope you hear good news on Thurs about hubby's retirement! Also love the video of Jayden, he has the cutest laugh and I an envious of your red sofa!! I have always wanted a red sofa ;)

Hope you feel better too!