Sunday, February 8, 2009


I find it so amazing how one little word can lower frustrations levels dramatically! As you know, we've been teaching J sign language. One word that we've been trying to teach him for a while now is "help" b/c he usually whines or screams and has a tantrum when he can't figure something out on his own and needs a little help. So we would say "help" and show him the sign. The sign is a bit complicated for a 2 yr old (hit closed fist into open hand) so he has been trying to say the word instead and does a single hand clap! lol. Instead of the word sounding like help, though, it sounded more like "Hell". So we have been putting strong emphasis on the "p" and now he is saying "How". I really don't think he can make the "p" sound just yet. How is so much better than hell though ;) So now, instead of whining when he can't figure something out, he runs to us, claps his hands together and says "HOW!!" LOL! Love it :)


Deanna said...

So cute!

L L said...

very cute. It is so common for children to have speech impediments. They just haven't learned the sounds yet...or how to make them. But he will.