Monday, February 2, 2009

Toddler bed

Sunday, we finally decided to graduate J from his crib to a toddler bed! I was afraid that it would stress him out b/c he loves his crib and has a hard time falling asleep anywhere but in the crib. So I was thinking it was a security issue. Not to mention that I was not ready to risk giving up his 3 hour naps. But we decided to try it out and leave the rails for the crib out of the attic until we knew for sure if the toddler bed would work. So he ate lunch while I set up his new big boy bed. When he came in his room he was so excited and immediately noticed his new bed! I asked him "Do you like your big boy bed?" He jumped in it and said "Bee Ball Bee!!" We let him play in it for a while and then it was time for his first nap in his bed. I was so worried about him falling out of the bed while asleep, so I pushed the bed rail to the very end of the bed. He took his entire 3 hour nap =) He woke up from his nap and still wanted to sit in his bed so we removed the rail and let him play in it some more. Then bedtime came and I let him climb in bed by himself. I got in next to him and he covered me up and gave me a kiss and I read him 3 stories. This is the first time in his life that he sat still for three stories straight! He was so happy. After I read his stories, I climbed out of his bed and put up his rail, but left the gap for him to get out when he woke up in the morning. I fully expected this to cause an issue with him refusing to go to bed. He held on to his Thomas book and he stayed in bed all night. This morning I heard him wake up and I watched him (on the monitor) climb out of bed and turn off his sound machine. Then he played with his toys like a big boy! I was so proud of him. I thought for sure that we had gotten lucky though, but today I told him it was naptime and he grabbed his blanket and climbed in bed. I turned on the sound machine and he looked at me and pulled his blanket back. I had to get in bed and read him a story. Then he went to sleep, another 3 hour nap people! After his nap he woke up and played in bed, but didn't get out until I opened his bedroom door. He also went down so easy tonight. I read him another story in bed and I can see that becoming an every night thing, so I hope I don't gain anymore weight!! I am surprised that he actually stays in bed. He is such a good boy and is enjoying his new bed.

Oh and FYI since it's been pointed out to me alot on that picture...the outlets are certainly covered with clear outlet covers. We don't use the white ones b/c J can pull them off.

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