Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. I am sick and tired of the scheduling dept with the real estate agency we have our home listed through. The schedulings are all screwed up and the realtors cancel without notice. So that means that we drive around aimlessly for no apparent reason. Not to mention how stressed I get trying to clean a house with a 2 yr old who tears it up in seconds.
2. Because of number 1, we are looking for a new real estate agency. It's nothing against our realtor b/c she's wonderful, but the issues we are having with showings is insane.
3. Jayden has been putting two words together very nicely lately. He says "Hi Mommy (Daddy, Nana, Paw Paw)", "Come in", "Where Mommy?", "Let's go." and he surprises us everyday with new things.
4. Today the fed ex man delivered a package and rang the doorbell to let me know it was there and he left. Jayden ran to the door and said "COME IN!!" and then opened the door.
5. Thank God for our alarm b/c otherwise I wouldn't have known that he could open the door. We must now use the top lock at all times.
6. Only 4 more weeks until Disney World!!
7. Jayden's social evaluation is scheduled for Monday. Please pray that all goes well and he gets the help that he needs.
8. Early Intervention is supposed to continue his therapy this week. We shall see about that but I'm not holding my breath.
9. My aunt is going to bake a mock gluten free birthday cake for Jayden this weekend. Angel foods cake with an almond glaze. Our hope is that the cake is good enough that we can serve it to everyone at the party and not make him have to be singled out with a different cake.
10. It is HOT!!!

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