Thursday, June 11, 2009


Lately we've realized that certain things that are usually simple in the lives of parents with toddlers, aren't as simple in ours. Yet we fall into routine and rool with the punches. Take breakfast for instance...He can't just wake up and say I'm hungry let's eat. No, because he has to take his prevacid on an empty stomach and cannot eat or drink anything for 20 minutes. Since breakfast is the ONLY time he asks to eat it was rough at first trying to distract him, but now our routine is a knock on his bedroom door (he is always camped out right by the door with his pillow and blanket!), and he says "Ah-men!" which I assume means come in but my husband thinks it means open! lol. I open it, he grabs Wayne, and as he walks out of his room I stick the prevacid in his mouth. He sucks on it like a big boy and then we sit on the couch for 20 minutes. He doesn't even ask immediately to eat anymore b/c he knows the routine. Now breakfast starts and it doesn't get any easier. First off, he can't just have milk in a regular sippy. Instead he has to have rice milk. The rice milk has to be served slightly warm and in a soft spouted sippy (sensory stuff). Then I have to add infant rice cereal to it for added calories since he still isn't eating(still can't believe that Drs kept telling me this was a phase...). Then for breakfast he will eat some dry cereal, b/c he can't tolerate cereal and milk together, not unless you want it to come right back up! Breakfast is done, time for lunch. Lunch is always either a turkey dog or sweet potatoe fries. Nothing special there. But his juice, we can't just pour his some juice and say "here ya go". We have to measure his juice to be 8 oz and add stool softner to it. The stool softner is tasteless, but if it isn't mixed in well Jayden won't drink it so we have to mix it until it completely dissolves. So it takes us 5 minutes to make him juice, something that usually only takes a good 15 seconds! I won't even get into how we have to accomodate his food allergies on vacation!!

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