Monday, June 8, 2009


So our lives have suddenly been filled with numerous abbreviations. Those letters are very important for Jayden's future at this point. Without them, he will probably continue to have a hard time with day to day situations and an even harder time when he starts school. ABA is applied behavioral therapy, where an SLP will work on his speech, and OT will work on his sensory issues, and a behavioral therapist will work on his behavioral problems and social anxiety. Without the proper use of speech, Jayden will not be able to effective communicate with his peers. If no one helps him with his sensory issues he will forever be subjected to a world where he thinks everything is repulsive, including rice, cold floors, food on his face, etc. He cannot tolerate it one bit. And the behavior. If it is not addressed, I hate to imagine what type teenager he will grow up to be. So knowing that you would think that the services would be covered under health insurance wouldn't you? We have documentation from Early Intervention, pediatrician, and the developmental pediatrician that he needs this, yet it's so hard to get. ABA therapy will cost us $640 a month for 20 hours a week of intensive therapy. Pretty soon we'll be adding a new abbreviation to our lives...NSF!!! LOL. Hopefully we will find another option without having to pay out of pocket. I know God is good all the time so it will work out.

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