Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10 on Tuesday

1. I have officially lost my mind...I brought my niece and 2 nephews back home with me from New Orleans.
2. I forgot how much siblings bicker and pick with each other. And the potty mouth?!?! OMG.
3. They are currently playing Life, the boardgame (and I have decided I will just forget about the arguing and crying that took place in Target to decide which game to get) and this is the conversation:

"Hey why are you spinning again??"
"Because I landed on orange!!"
"No you didn't, you only spent 6 moves!!!!"
"No it was 9, you must be seeing things upside down!!"
"Where is my money from payday?!?!"
"You owed the bank for that big house you just bought!"

Fun stuff, I tell ya!
4. My husband called to check in on us b/c he thought I'd be stressed out, but I bet he was surprised to hear my laughing over the phone. It's seriously funny to hear how they get along...or not!
5. Jayden loves having them here, but they tend to egg him on and make him do things he is not supposed to do, like hit, and then they run to me to tell on him.
6. I still have 2 photo sessions I'm working on editing this week.
7. I also need to go back and edit the pictures from our trip to Destin way back in April!!
8. The house does not seem like it will sell by the time our conract is up in September, so we are considering leasing it.
9. We would be contracted through the real estate agency so that they can work with the tenants and maintain the property while we are in Louisiana. Not a bad deal and they would only charge 10% of the rent each month. It's not like we want to make money from leasing the house, we really just want to be sure the mortgage is paid each month, so we are considering it.
10. We leave on Friday for Orlando!! I am so excited for this trip!! I hope Jayden is able to enjoy himself this time around.

Oh and btw, I'm still waiting on a call from ANYONE to begin his therapy. Lots of promises, but no calls yet... This is ridiculous.

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