Monday, July 20, 2009

Silly of me...

So silly of me to think that the fight with the insurance company and the state of MS would be over so soon!! I called the number listed for the Dr that Tricare is contracted with for ABA therapy only to hear that the number is no longer in service. The business name, address, or phone number is not in the yellow pages. Their website is incredibly outdated. I am willing to bet that they jumped ship. They no longer exist here in Jackson. And Tricare should be ashamed for not keeping their records up to date. So I've left two messages for the case worker today and she hasn't called back. I also sent an email to the email address found on the outdated website just in case, by some chance, they actually do exist and failed to update their site (and get their new info into the yellow pages). So, the fight starts again...such a short break!!

For the record, the business is called TCLC (The Childhood Learning Center) Mississippi Behavior Clinic and it is SUPPOSED to be located at 357 Towne Center Blvd in Ridgeland. Their website is If you know anything about this company, please let me know! Thanks :)

ETA: Scratch the email idea. I just went to my inbox and the email I sent to them was undeliverable. This is beginning to get ridiculous!

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