Friday, September 11, 2009

When will he get a break?

Yesterday I called the nurse about Jayden's EEG results. She told me that they hadn't received his report yet, but she would call to request it and give me a call with the results. Now I went into all of this with the frame of mind "We are simply RULING OUT seizures.". I know that Jayden does have some concerning behaviors that appear to be seizure like, but I also had so many "specialists" telling me that it could very well be behavioral. So, in my mind, I had prepared myself for a normal report, especially since his CT scan was normal. Well the nurse called this morning and she sounded a bit concerned so I immediately knew they found something. She said "Jayden's EEG report is actually showing some seizure activity." My heart sank. I was fighting back tears b/c my son was playing on the floor right at my feet, and my husband was sitting across from me. Besides, imagine how that nurse would have felt if I went into hysterics over the phone?! So I kept my cool and she went on to tell me that he has already been referred to a neurologist and they will try to see him asap. I hung up the phone and my husband just looked at me. I told him that was the nurse about Jayden's EEG and that it did show some seizure activity. My husband said "Oh no..." At this point, we have no idea when he's having them b/c during his EEG, he did cry in the beginning, but he showed nothing like the behaviors we were concerned about (stiffening of his body, growling, blank stare, and sometimes drooling). He did fall asleep for the test and I know that seizures during sleep are common. So of course, now we worry. All we can do is wait on the appt and pray for some answers for our little guy. We are getting there b/c just a few months ago he was considered just a kid going through the terrible 2's. If you are the praying type, please eep our little family in your prayers!

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Jess said...

Definietly will say a prayer for you all right now.