Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just a little acid

Jayden's biopsy results came in and as far as the Celiac Disease goes, he it doing ABSOLUTELY FINE!! His intestines have healed, his villi are no longer flattened, and he no longer has inflammation in his intestines. The biopsy taken from his stomach, however, did show some scarring and acid wear so he is back on Prevacid for his acid reflux. The Dr is hoping that once the acid is neutralized in his tummy, he will have more of an appetite and that will help him to put on some weight. We have to continue with the high calorie diet as well. But to me, that is the BEST news ever! I mean to hear that he is healed from the Celiac Disease that was left untreated for 2.5 yrs?! Wonderful! Of course, in order for him to remain healed he has to remain on the Gluten Free diet for the rest of his life, but it has become very easy for us so I know he will do well. The reflux was no surprise b/c he's been dealing with that since birth, so I'm hoping that by putting him back on prevacid, we will help his stomach pains.

Everything else around here has been great! I had my sinus surgery on Tuesday and I'm pretty much pain free with the exception of the sinus congestion and strict instructions to NOT blow my nose and NOT to take decongestants!! The only thing I can take for pain is Vicodan. So needless to say, I deal with the discomfort during the day and pop a Vicodan so I can get some sleep at night. Oh and in case you were wondering, sneezing through your mouth is not an easy task, especially when you are known to sneeze at least 5 times in a row!

We signed Jayden up for swimming lessons starting next Monday. He is SO EXCITED! We only set him up for 2 classes a week and it's a 3 week course, so I'm hoping 6 classes is enough for him. My husband says that it will be more than enough b/c Jayden is already so comfortable with the water. He dives into the deep end (with a life vest on) and he also does back flips into the pool. He kicks his feet and pulls himself through the water with his arms. He also holds his breath and puts his own face underwater. So he is very comfortable. I would love for him to be able to swim without his life vest when we got to Orlando in a few weeks, so I'll ask the instructor what she thinks and if we feel we need to we will add a 3rd day to his weekly lessons.

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