Thursday, July 1, 2010

A healthy belly

Jayden's EGD went well this morning. Once he was done, the Dr came out and spoke with us and showed us the pictures she took. Absolutely perfect. No more ulcers. No more inflammation. And from the looks of it, she said his villi look healed, but she will get a closer look at the tissue samples she took and get us the results next week. So far, so good! It's kind of bittersweet though b/c if the biopsies come back perfectly normal as well, then he will need more tests done to figure out why he is not gaining any weight and why he has so much stomach pain.

He woke up from anesthesia just fine. Much better than last time! I was able to hold him and comfort him and as he came to, he got angry about the tape on his thumb (the O2 monitor!) b/c he wanted to suck it. The nurse gave him a popsicle instead and he was a happy camper. When he was done he yelled "Doctor!!! More peese!" You know she gave him seconds :) Once he was finally discharged he really wanted to get down and walk/run but his coordination was WAY off so we had to carry him. Now he's napping off the rest of the anesthesia, but all in all it was just fine!

Unfortunately, my aunt did pass away early this morning. The funeral is being arranged and will take place in the middle of this month. RIP Auntie Laurel. We miss you already!

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Jess said...

I'm sorry about your aunt. :(

Glad the test was fine, though. That's good news, at least.