Friday, July 23, 2010

Kids say the darndest things...

at the darndest times!

Well, in our case, Jayden shows us just how great his communication skills have grown at the craziest moments! Take this morning for instance... Yesterday Jayden took a spill at summer camp and bust his lip pretty bad and also pushed his tooth back. On the drive home I was asking him about his boo boo. He is very echolaic (repeats the last word anyone says), so we hardly ever can get him to appropriately answer a question. So the conversation went like this:

Me: Jayden do you have a boo boo?
Jayden :A boo boo (points to his lip)
Me: Aw...does it hurt?
Jayden: Hurt.
Me: Did you fall down?
Jayden: Down.
Me: Did you cry?
Jayden: Cry.
Me: Aww, baby I'm sorry!
Jayden: Sowwy
But since I knew he could answer this one...
Me:Are you ok?
Jayden: I fine!

So anyway, the dentist wanted us to bring him in for x rays of his front teeth to check for fractures or any damage to the permanent teeth. The dentist came in the room and Jayden (who had made himself at home in the chair and even took off his shoes!!) was ready to show the Dr his boo boo. So here's their conversation...

Dentist: Hi Jayden, how are you?
Jayden: I fine.
Dentist: Do you have a boo boo?
Jayden: A boo boo. (points to his mouth)
Dentist: How did you get that boo boo?
Jayden: AT SCHOOL!
Me and Mike: {JAW DROPS!!}

Yeah. So we just looked at each other and I'm pretty sure I said aloud, "WOW!" Judging from the convo he held above, I bet the dentists didn't even have a clue that Jayden has a speech delay! Now this doesn't happen often and many times people ask him questions that he doesn't understand so he gets echolaic and they look to us with question mark faces. But there are moments like these where he surprises us! It gives me so much hope for his future :)

P.S. His x rays turned out fine. There was no damage to the baby tooth and none to the permanent teeth (they look like they will be HUGE though, lol!). He'll go back in 3 weeks for a cleaning and I am going to talk to his neurologist about the increase in falling and coordination. He walked into the wall at the dentist's office this morning!

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