Friday, September 17, 2010

EEG results

Jayden's EEG results are still abnormal. The Dr reported that "nothing has changed", meaning that the abnormal brain waves are coming from all areas of his brain and not just one localized region. Unfortunately, this does make it hard to find the correct medication for him. Certain anti-convulsants work best for certain regions of the brain, but in Jayden's case, it's his entire brain so it's going to take time to find the right combination for him. That part, I understand. What I don't understand is why we have to wait until his follow up appointment, scheduled on the 27th, to change his medication. Our first appt with this Dr was on Aug 26th. At that appt, we told her that Jayden was having AT LEAST one seizure a week and that this had been going on since June. I've read (and the Dr actually told me this!!) that the longer seizures are left untreated, the harder it is to control them. So if she knows his seizures are not controlled at this point, and she knows that his EEG is still unchanged, and she knows which medication she wants to wean him off of and what she wants to replace it with, then WHY is she making him (and us!!) wait another week and a half to make the changes? Why not give us the instructions on how to wean him and how to start the new meds and then followup with us on the 27th to see how he's doing? Honestly, I feel AWFUL, as if I'm dictating how this DR should be treating my child and she's been at this for over 20 yrs. I am not even close to being as experienced as she is, and I am SURE that she knows what she's doing and why she's doing it. However, as a mother, I think an explanation of WHY would help me at this point. To them 12 days is just another week or so. To me and my husband, 12 days is another 2 or more seizures that we know we will have to witness and be strong for.

Jayden hasn't been a patient of this new Dr for a month yet, but I know that I am already the mom that they roll their eyes about when they get a message from me. I'm the mom that they gossip about and despise. I know this b/c I have had to call to leave messages at least twice a week for them ever since Jayden 1st saw the Dr and had the 6 minute long seizure that same night. Now when I call, the lady at the call center knows me by name and says "Do you need to leave another message for Dr. A?" Yesterday, I said "Yes, and I promise you I wouldn't be calling this often if they would just return my calls!" It's true, I have to leave at least 2 messages before they return my call and God forbid I miss the call when they finally return it. It's freaking ridiculous! I don't want to be that mom. I have stopped and ask myself, am I calling too much? Since his 1st appt on Aug 26, I called 3 times about his 6 minute long seizure before they finally returned my called. I called twice about getting his prescription renewed before the nurse finally returned my call. Then I called twice about his EEG results and to find out if we needed a followup appt before my call was finally returned. Then, I missed the call from the Dr about the results and I had to call twice before I actually got a call back. One message never does the trick for them, so it's not me, it's them and THEY are annoying me! I mean, what mom is not going to call to answers for WHY her child is having seizures so often. What mom doesn't want reassurance that it will be okay? What mom is going to just wait around, for a month, on a Dr to finally decide what needs to be done with her baby who is having seizures so frequently that he's missing at least one day of school a week?!?! I don't know of any. It makes me wonder if the Dr and her nurse even have kids...

It's frustrating, to say the least. But now I will count the days until the 27th and pray for a decrease in the seizures soon. Until then, I need to go and take care of my little guy who was just checked out of school early b/c he had a seizure during breakfast.

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Rebecca said...

I cannot even fathom what you're going through. My heart hurts for your whole family. I'll be praying for Jayden's healing!