Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm Done.

First of all, let me apologize for what is about to follow. I need to vent. I just need to get this out, so I have to come to my blog...

Yesterday morning, before I even typed out that blog, I called and left a message for the nurse. The way this clinic works is that there is one front desk for every specialty clinic in the building. They take the message and email it to the correct nurse. Even if you miss a call (like I did today) you call back to the front desk and they send another email simply stating that you returned their call. Totally frustrating. Well anyway, my message yesterday was that Jayden was almost out of Topamax refills so we needed a new prescription called in. I left the name of the pharmacy and the number. I also asked for an update on the EEG that the Dr was supposed to be calling to have done sooner than the 16th. Of course, no one ever called me back. I wasn't surprised, but I was hoping that the nurse was smart enough to call in my child's seizure medications before he ran out with a 3 day weekend ahead. I called CVS and they checked the system and said that he had a prescription for Topamax on hold that they could fill. Since it was on hold, I knew it wasn't called in by the new Dr. It was on hold from Jayden's previous Dr from a mistake that was made by the pharmacy a few months ago. However, I waited until I got to the pharmacy to be sure. I was right. The prescribing physician was his previous neurologist. So I had the medication, which is great, but I was (and still am) angry at the fact that they didn't even bother filling his medication. Thank God I was silly enough to wait until he was completely out, but we leave for Florida tonight and he did not have enough to last the weekend. So I called again this morning. Oh yeah, I know I am the aggravating parent of the clinic now. I don't give a shit at this point. The nurse called me a few hours later but I missed her call. I called back and had to do the message circle again. She called back an hour later with a huge attitude. She immediately started to defend herself for not calling me back.

She said "We cannot call in that prescription for Jayden b/c we didn't prescribe it."

Wait, what?!?!

I said, "I know, his previous neurologist prescribed it and we just happened to run out of refills and need a new prescription called in since he is about to run out and I know that we cannot wait until the EEG b/c he will be out of medication by then and his seizures are already out of control." She then says, "Well when you came in on the 27th YOU told us that he was taking 15mg of Topamax, but you are asking us to fill a prescription for 25mg." I told her, "No ma'am. What I told you was that I was not sure of the mg but I could call you when I got home to check the bottle." I didn't want to turn around and point the finger at her, when in actuality, she went into the computer and it was listed there as 15mg so she went with that. But here is my problem with this...When I left the message I was reading off of his prescription bottle. 25mg. That's what he's been taking. That's what I read off the bottle. So you mean to tell me that b/c what I am telling you is on his bottle of meds does not match what's in your computer, you will NOT call in his medication? Does she know what will happen to my child if we just all of a sudden stop giving him his medication? She the nurse of a neurologist, so you would think that she'd know how serious that would be. But judging from her attitude, I don't think she knew, or she just doesn't give a shit. I told her, "Ma'am, he takes 25mg capsules. I read it from the bottle. He needs more medication." She said okay it will be called in. Thanks! So then I ask if the Dr spoke to her about moving the EEG up. Here goes...more finger pointing and defensiveness.

"No. {insert patronizing laugh}The Dr told YOU to call Tulane and schedule the EEG."

SERIOUSLY?! What is my insurance company paying her for???

I said, "So I just call neurology and tell them that I need my son to have an EEG done?" Nurse, "Yes." I said "Okay, thanks!" and hung up the phone. She is full of it. I cannot call a hospital and request an EEG for my own child without orders from a Dr. Besides that, it's NOT my job!!! That's ok. I'm going to ATTEMPT to call Tulane tomorrow. I imagine I will get several confused receptionists and schedulers (if I even get that far) who will be wondering why I am calling to schedule my child's EEG. Then I will have to call the neuro's office back, leave a message, wait for them not to call back. Then we will go on through a 3 day weekend. Who knows how many seizures Jayden will have had by the time the nurse calls me back. And by then, what's the use of having the EEG moved up sooner. This is unacceptable.

What's crazy is that this Dr is highly recommended and supposedly the best in New Orleans. I truly expected much better care than this for my son. The communication there is awful, and honestly, the Dr needs to find herself a new nurse b/c this nurse is giving her a bad rep. My son has had 4 freaking seizures since he saw her on Thursday, 7 days ago. I have had ZERO support from them and then today the nurse tries to REFUSE to fill his medication. The Dr may very well be the best in New Orleans, but unfortunately I don't think she is good enough for him.

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Jess said...

YOWZA. I don't know how someone's not come to that clinic and HARMED that nurse!!

I hope you can get the EEG figured out tomorrow.