Thursday, August 23, 2007

7 days!!!!

Only 7 days left until we are homeowners!!! Closing is all set for 11 am on Thursday of next week! I am so excited...yet so behind on packing! I started a new job from home taking incoming sales calls from various infomercials. I get to make my own schedule and I'm only required to work at least 10 hours a week. However, this week is the online training and I've been participating in conference calls that last 2-3 hours at a time. And to top it all off...I've been sick!! I started feeling bad over the weekend and by Tuesday I felt like I had the flu! Daddy had to leave to go out of town for the week, so it's been just J and I and it's been hard! I feel much better now, although I still have some sinus pain which makes me think I may have a sinus infection. If it doesn't get better, I'll call the Dr for antibiotics...but until then I NEED TO PACK!!!! If I stay focused I can have everything packed by Sunday which is great.

Now while I am excited about moving into our very first home together, I'm a bit worried about all of these "hidden" costs!! LOL! I thought they all were covered before we signed the contract, but you can never be forewarned of ALL of these hidden fees, I see! And when you purchase new construction, like we did, there are even MORE hidden costs! For instance, the neighborhood we are moving in is very new and there is obviously a standard curbside mailbox that everyone in the neighborhood is obligated to have. We couldn't help but notice b/c every house has these HORRIBLE eyesores in front of their homes. So I told Daddy, "Oh well, I guess we will just have to deal with it since we love the house so much." We both figured, since it seems standard for the neighborhood, then it must come with the cost of the house....WRONG!!! I received an email yesterday that I need to call a company to have my "ugly" mailbox installed for the grand total of $200!!!! Are you kidding me?!?! Bad enough the mailbox is totally not my style, but then I have to pay $200 for it?! Oh well, I love the house enough so I will deal. I'll plant some beautiful flowers around it to make it more pleasant to the eye. Well that's not all...since it's a brand new house, we have to pay extra to have a gas meter installed, and we also have to lay sod in the backyard...the HUGE backyard!! But I'm not complaining b/c the pros definitely outweigh the cons!! A new construction means EVERYTHING on the house is brand spanking roof, new plumbing, new carpet, fresh paint...etc!! It's wonderful. Oh and a jacuzzi tub with separate shower, mom!! I know you are jealous!! LOL! I'll need your help decorating though so don't forget our date!!

Well, I'm off to finish packing. I plan to get alot done today b/c I promised a friend I would meet her at the museum with her kids tomorrow morning. I'm sure J would enjoy a day out, as he's been cooped up in the house ever since we came back from Florida!


Anita said...

What a great new job! How did you find that! Keep us posted on how it goes. Sorry to hear you are feeling down with all this work to do and Mike out of town! Just keep doing what you can do, it will be so much more fun on the other side when you are UNpacking! The hidden costs, well yes, those are always an unpleasant surprise.

Renee & Paul said...

Good luck with everything. The hidden costs are hard but worth it. Love the pics of Jayden. He's just beautiful.