Friday, August 17, 2007

Packing, packing.....PACKING!!!

13 days until closing...We have to get going with packing. So far so good though. I've pretty much packed away the kitchen and purchased plasticware and frozen move eh?? LOL! We're going out to dinner tonight though;) Also we pretty much have the office packed up. I think that we are taking our time b/c we are only moving to a subdivision less than 1/2 mile up the street. We keep saying, "We're not going far so we don't need to box that up". Well can you imagine what a mess we will have on moving day if we keep that frame of mind?? LOL! It's been a while since I last packed for a big move. Our last move was relatively easy...It was just my husband and I and two dogs. Katrina claimed all of our possessions so we had nothing to move, just a few boxes of donations we rec'd from a few wonderful strangers! But now we have stuff...lots of stuff. I thought that once we started packing that the house would start to look empty...WRONG!! The house looks even more cluttered than before! That can't be right?! I hate to look at clutter, it makes me nervous and I hate to add to it, so it's getting harder and harder for me to continue packing. I just want some of this stuff out of here. I plan to box up some clothes and stash the boxes in the closet in the office. We close on a Thursday, but we won't have help to move the bigger items until Saturday (thanks Dad and Jase!), so the plan now is to use Thursday and Friday to move the boxes and smaller items to the new house. Once this house is less cluttered it will be easier to get clean. I have learned one great tip for moving though...If you want to look like you are making progress, take down ALL of your pictures from the walls! I took ours down last night and our walls look so plain and the rooms actually look bigger. Progress right?

Now to come up with a plan for baby...I may be the first woman in history to make an entire move with a baby attached to her hip at every moment! Oh boy! It's like he knows that I'm trying to get something done and he wants to prevent me from doing it! Could it be that he doesn't want to leave behind his awesome room that mommy and daddy made for him? I've resorted to popping in Baby Einstein DVDs and tossing his toys all over the free space of the house! It's helping so far, but I'm sure he will give me a run for my money on moving day...Nana hurry up and get here!!!

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Anita said...

Oh, Nia, I encourage you to put everything you possibly can into a box and tape it up. Moving 1/2 mile down the road is just like moving cross country, easier if everything is boxed. Otherwise you will have endless trips in the car stuffed with misc garbage. Better to box it all and put it in a moving van and make a clean break from the old place. Treat it like the first time you leave is the last time you'll be there, otherwise a short move like this can drag on for days! I've moved across country (literally ND to FL, FL to AK, AK to NY) three times and "just down the road" numerous times too, and the short moves are the nightmares. Keep packing! You'll be so glad you did!