Tuesday, January 6, 2009

10 on Tuesday

My first 10 on Tuesday for 2009!!

1. Retirement...it was denied. I believe I am in shock, b/c I have not shed a single tear and that in itself is helping my husband to stay strong. The reason for denial is because he was officially served orders on Dec 29, and even though he wasn't at work when the orders went out, he's still served.
2. He's very upset and called to ask for a re evaluation of his present situation. We have to send in paperwork from J's pediatrician stating that he is special needs and is being seen by a developmental pediatrician here.
3. We both have come to terms with the fact that we pray to God, not to give us what we want, but to do what He knows is good for us. Maybe I should start looking for real estate in IL instead?
4.Had my first official session of 2009 this morning and made the first deposit into our IVF savings account. The plan is to place all of my session fees in there and we (along with my parents) will add funds to the account whenever we have the extra cash to spare. Hopefully soon, our dream of adding to the family will come true.
5. Working towards putting the house on the market by March...However, if we have to go to IL, we have orders to be there by April 30, so we would need to list the house like YESTERDAY!
6. It's not ready to go on the market yet though...we still need the garage door repaired and we want to get ceramic counter tops in the kitchen b/c several homes in this neighborhood offer them. We also want to get the yard professionally landscaped and that won't happen until late Feb, early March.
7. Today has been a good day for Jayden and I so far...I've been much more patient. Let's just say it involves lots of sarcasm on my part. Like when a block comes flying at my face b/c it wouldn't stack how he wanted it to, I reply "Oh sweetie, are you having a hard time stacking blocks?"
8. Is it bad that it now takes sarcasm for me to be patient? The above reply is what should be said b/c he gets angry out of frustration, but I'm frustrated as well. So if it takes sarcasm, then sarcasm it is.
9. My husband gave me a Nintendo DS for Christmas and it's slowly becoming my new addiction...how sad is that??
10. I promise I will get back to adding pictures to this blog soon!!!!

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