Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just a little reminder...

This morning J and I went to the YMCA so that I could get a little workout in and he could play in the daycare area. He loves it there, especially the big ball pit! So we got there and as soon as we walked into the childcare room, his little eyes lit up and he walked straight to the little entrance door to get to the play area. He walked in and turned around to tell me "I love you" in his own little gibberish that I've come to understand. I said "I love you too baby!" and he turned around to go in. But by the time he turned around, 4 cute toddlers walked up to greet him. Only they didn't know or understand that it scares J. He does not like too many little kids around him at once. He'd much rather observe them first, and then decide if he wants to come closer. So of course his first reaction was to scream at them. I said "It's okay baby, they just want to play." Then he looked for a second and then decided that he wanted out and he ran to my leg. I picked him up and said "Momma will walk you in, ok?" I carried him in and just as I was putting him down he said "Than du!"

As frustrating as it can be parenting a child who has any sort of issues or delays, it's little moments like those that remind you that they need you to help them in this confusing world they live in.

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