Saturday, January 10, 2009


I had so many plans for the blog during the first week of you can see, it didn't happen. I've been completely overwhelmed with work, family, and life in general. Everything seemed to happen at once. My husband's retirement was denied and now he keeps getting different answers from different sources. So many people in higher places are telling him that he CAN retire if he wants to, yet he still holds the paperwork stating that he has to be in Springfield, IL by April 30. So that causes us to be in a frenzy to get this house on the market. Stress. Then J's behavior and eating habits have been getting worse and more frustrating instead of easier. I thought it would be the other way around once he started therapy, which may explain why I've been extremely frustrated. The EI program here seems to not take J's case seriously. They call him a picky eater. Here is a little bit of what we go through EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. (unless it's nuggets and fries)...actually, I just watched it over again before deciding whether or not to post it here and I decided not to b/c it is too disturbing. Let's just say mealtime is torture to him and he gets so upset that he slaps himself and screams in fear. I taped this b/c I know that this is more than picky eating and it seems like the therapists need to SEE this instead of hearing it explained from my mouth. I even went so far as to email the clip to my BFF who is an OT in Atlanta. She saw the video and called me and asked me if she could send the video to her supervisor. Her supervisor immediately called her back and said that he is clearly showing signs of something way more than picky eating and gave her some tips to give me, some things to look out for while he eats, and a contact number for Dr. Kay Toomey. She developed the SOS Approach to feeding and I plan to call her next week just to get some advice. So far, I've been told that I need to get J a new speech therapist, one that is comfotable working with his severe feeding issues. I am not confrontational, so I don't know how I will handle that b/c his current SLP is really sweet, but she isn't helping with his feeding issues and I think she thinks I'm just being a paranoid first time mom about all of this.

And with all of that going on, I've fallen so far behind on my workload. I have 3 sessions pending editing and an order that needs to be processed...a huge order! At one point, I wanted to just shut down my business for 2009 and focus on J and the move, but then I think about how photography takes me away from the stress of everyday life, even if just for 90 minutes. And working on the pictures and having satisfied customers definitely brightens my day. So I think I will continue to shoot until we have a definite date to move. I need it. It's my sanity. Now to try and get organized and get these sessions proofed and sent to my wonderful clients who are all so understanding! Thank you all and I promise to be back to blogging once things calm down here ;)

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AJS said...

I'm sorry you have to struggle with the EI people regarding J's eating...that is so sad. He needs the services!

I think it is important for you to continue your photography business because you NEED some balance in your life in order to be the best mommy and wife...even if you cut back, it is better than giving it up altogether.

Thinking of and praying for you.