Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crying is therapeutic...

Well, last night I think everything that is going on with J hit me hard. It caught me off my living room...J in his bed asleep and my husband out of town until Friday. So I had no reason to mask my true feelings of sadness. So right then and there, I let it all out. It started in the living room. I came to my room, said the Our Father prayer twice, and continued to let the tears flow. My husband text me. I simply said "I'm sad." and he knew why. He started texting me bible verses. Then he text me "A.S.K." Matthew 7:7-8. Ask, Seek, Knock. Just what I needed. I continued to let my tears flow b/c as the tears fell, so did some of my feelings of grief. I barely slept last night, but I had peace.

This morning J and I went to see his pediatrician. We talked. J is getting a new GI, a new diet, and being tested for celiac disease. I will continue to update my blog readers on his progress and I will continue to ASK.

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