Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When life serves you lemons...

I was recently awarded this lemonadestand award by my friend Emily...she passed it along to me to let me know that she enjoys my blog and that I show great heart.

First I thank her for giving me the award, b/c it's exactly what I needed to update my blog since I've neglected it for a while now. And what more appropriate award than a lemonade stand, especailly during this crazy time in our lives??

J had his first OT session on Monday. He hated it. She tried to get him to eat by "rewarding" him with his milk. For anyone that knows J, they know that you don't mess with his milk, so that made things 10 times worse :( I had to sit down b/c it took everything in me not to tell her to give him his milk. I don't think I can handle the feeding part if it only consists of forcing him to eat. So this week I cut decided to do whatever I can to make feeding less stressful. He will only be served what I know he wants to eat. Right now he is not digging his pancakes (probably b/c they are gluten free, but I think they are tasty), so instead I offer him his favorite dry cereal. For lunch I give him 2 turkey dogs without the bun, and for dinner a plate of sweet potatoe fries. That is all he wants to eat, so that's all I serve. I am not going to add extra stress to him when he has to go through it all on Monday. Once he starts showing an interest in new foods, then I will introduce them! The peditrician called in a referral for him to see a developmental pediatrician and the appt is tentatively scheduled for July. Long wait, but I'm sure it will be worth it

So I went to the Dr yesterday to have a bald spot checked out by the Dr. The bald spot started off the size of a quarter and now it's the size of a golf ball (probably a little bigger). It's alopecia. I have to go to a dermatologist to have steroid injections in my head. And the nearest dermatologist that takes my (crappy) insurance is an hour and a half away from here!! Oh well, it will be a nice roadtrip! and hopefully I'll be driving back home with some new hair on its way!

With all of that going on, who;d think I'd have time for anything else?? Well I did and I had a realtor to come out today and take a look at our house to let us know if it is ready to be placed on the market. Well it was ready and it will be officially listed tomorrow morning!! I am hopeful that it will sell and we will be well on our way to moving back home to be closer to family. I never thought the day would come, and here it is!

So, it's tough to remain positive when it seems like there's a rain cloud over your head all the time, but if you can take a step back and re evaluate everything, you'll notice that there are also some positive things to look forward to and like they say "the good outweighs the bad"!!

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