Saturday, November 27, 2010

Days 26 and 27

I am extremely thankful for my acceptance into Nursing school!! I knew my grades were good enough to get me accepted into the program, but since it's a limited entrance program, I wasn't sure that I would make the cut for next semester, but I did!!

In August, 2005, I had just started my final year in Nursing School. I was on the honor roll and loved my instructor. I was preparing myself for my board exam. I was so excited to finally walk across that stage and receive my degree. My Maw Maw was excited as well b/c she knew how bad I wanted this, yet how long it took for me to be in the position to afford it at all. Then, Hurricane Katrina washed it all away when the waters came in and flooded my city and my school. Of course, life turned upside down after Katrina. 3 moves in less than 2 months, no clothes, no furniture, and miles away from loved ones. It was rough. It was stressful. Then things turned around for us and we adopted Jayden. My plan was to start school again when Jayden was a yr old, but then his health issues surfaced. Finally, this past summer, we realized that now was a good time to "try again". When I tell you that EVERY.SINGLE.DETAIL. worked out in my favor, I mean that!. First off, I contacted my counselor just in time to schedule my entrance exam, as there were only 4 testing dates left before the deadline to apply for nursing school admission for Fall 2011. Also, I was just on time to figure out which pre reqs I needed to retake and to enroll for them this past August. ALSO!! We were able to use my husband's post 9/11 GI bill for my tuition! 100% tuition paid and a $250 book allowance per semester! How wonderful! And as if that wasn't blessing enough, I now have this job and childcare for Jayden at only $3.50 per hour whenever I may need it. God is good!!

Unfortunately, Maw Maw passed away in 2007, so she won't be there to see me wakl across that stage but I know her presence will be felt on that day! I love you Maw Maw!