Monday, August 31, 2009


So today was Jayden's EEG. It was scheduled for 12:45 and the Drs office advised us to have him sleep deprived for the procedure b/c they would like to see some readings while he is asleep and using a sedative could have possibly affected the results. So, thus the adventure began last night. My husband and I stayed up with Jayden until a little after midnight and I woke up with him at 4am. Getting him up at 4 was not an issue (for him). 24 hour Noggin is awesome!! He was singing within 20minutes of being snatched out of bed. At 6, he asked to watch Spiderman 3, so we (he) watched that and then we watched some Michael Jackson videos. I could tell he was sleepy, but he wasn't going to give in to sleep, which was good for that point in time. One thing I found out today is that my boy is SO lovable when he is deprived of sleep. He just kept running up to me and throwing his arms around my neck and giving big, fish mouth kisses. Oh so sweet. Perhaps he was thanking me for allowing him to skip sleep??? LOL! We got to the hosital at 12:30 and registered and were sent up to the EEG area. He was still running around, sliding on the floor, and screaming to hear his echo. I honestly didn't think there was any chance he would fall asleep. We were called back and Jayden had to lie in a hospital bed and had about 20 or more electrodes attached to his head. He FREAKED out over having the electrodes placed on his head. It was so sad to watch. I know it didn't hurt him, but he just did not like it one bit. He would scream and cry and then remind himself that he was a big boy. Poor thing! After he was completely hooked up and had his head wrapped up, I was able to get on the bed with him and put his head in my lap. He screamed, kicked, cried, and pulled electrodes off during the first 10 minutes of the EEG. I told him that his wires were his spiderman webs and he said ok and settled a bit. He would whine every now and then but soon I saw his eyes get heavy and he quickly fell asleep. The rest of the test was a breeze. We won' get the results until sometime next week, so I'm praying or the best.

We got home and I put my sleepy boy in his bed and he immediately fell asleep. I took a 2 hour nap and got up to have dinner. Now Jayden is asleep, 30 minutes early after having a HUGE meltdown over bathtime. He drank his milk in bed and then told us night night. Went to bed without a fuss. Now it's my turn!

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