Monday, August 10, 2009

For you, Jayden

This morning, Jayden and I went to library storytime. He was so happy to be there and was SO well behaved! He even came to sit in my lap for most of the hour, which was a first. He saw Miss June pull out the basket of books during independent play time and he ran to her and followed her to grab himself a book. I had to fight back the tears as I watched my little, precious, innocent boy following her for his book. I thought of how his behaviors have completely overshadowed his innocence. How often have I come to this blog to talk about his sweetness? I know I do it, but not as often as I'd like, so Jayden, this blog post is just for you!

I love that you named your blue blankie, Wayne. Everyone in the family knows who Wayne is and knows that if Wayne is left behind we will make a u turn immediately to get him. I also love that you now know when you need Wayne around and when you don't. My heart melted when we pulled up at Nana's house and as I took you out of your seat, I offered you Wayne and you immediately said "No!" and ran into Nana and Papa's house. Wayne spends most of his day in your bed now and mainly gets his love from you around naptime and bedtime.

I love that you are so in love with letters. You can say and identify your alphabet, written and in sign language. "E" is your favorite letter to sign and you do it perfectly. I also love when you sign the letter "F". And today you surprised me with the sign for elevator when we walked past one at the Dr. You are so incredibly smart!

I love that you love Michael Jackson's music and can sing along with a few of them! Everyday, you seem to learn new lyrics. Today you made us laugh with "Black or White"!

I love the way you say "Okay". If I tell you you can't have something, you put your head down and say "Ooo tay." MELTS MY HEART.

I love how you just came in my room and told me you love me, then proceeded to grab my nose and say "Ewww!"

I love how much you love your big cousin "Gi Gi". I am so happy that you two are so close and I hope to see it stay that way.

I love how you walk on your toes. I've been told that it's sensory and with some therapy you should do it less and less, but I secretly hope that you still do it from time to time!

I love the way you yell "Ewwww!" and scrunch up your face whenever anyone, including yourself, puts their feet too close to your face!

I love how you yell "Help me" whenever you need anything. And then you politely say "Thank You."

I love it when you tell complete strangers "Thank you" when they hold a door open for us.

I love the way you hug me really tight around my neck and kiss my "boo boos". I never tell you that my "boo boos" are actually acne b/c I would much rather them be called boo boos :D

I love how you make sweet eyes at us when you see something you's usually candy, and 9 times out of 10 you get it b/c who could resist your sweet eyes??

I love how much you are into taking pictures lately and I love this very last picture of you from our Orlando vacation. You asked for a "pid dure" and made this face!

Jayden, I love you so much!!!

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