Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mr. Polite

I often wonder to myself if I've not done a good job at raising Jayden b/c of his outbursts and how he does not liten to us in public. I know I can't blame myself, but honestly, it's hard to not think of what it is we should and could be doing differently. I always say "I want to raise my baby to be a respectful young man." Well, I think I'm on the right track despite his behavior issues.

He has been such a polite little 2 yr old lately. He tells us good morning every single morning. He tells complete strangers thank you when they hold doors open for us. He asks the waiter or waitress "How doin?" when they walk up to our table. He also says thank you when they deliver his food or bring refills. He runs up to crying babies and asks "Okay??". He says bless you when he hears someone scream and thank you when we bless him. He also says thank you whenever I kiss a boo boo. My husband and I did not sit down and teach this to Jayden. But it's what we do around him. We model politeness and he pays attention and picks up on it. I love it when I go someplace and someone tells me just how polite my little man is. We both leave saying Thank you!

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