Saturday, August 8, 2009

Great Vacation

We are on the road now headed back home. First stop, Slidell, to drop my parents off. Depending on what time we get there and how we feel, we may keep going and head back to Jackson tonight or we may stay the night at my parents and head home tomorrow.

Jayden really did enjoy himself more this year. The parks accomodated his needs, some more than others (more on that later). The first 3 days were his best days and he started to get VERY cranky after that. We had 2 really bad days, behavior wise, and I even had to shed a few tears bc its really hard and I don't think anyone can understand just how hard it is until they go through the same. I know one thing though...monday morning I will be ringing all of therapists' phones off the hook bc its been 6 weeks now that they were to resume his therapy and I still haven't gotten a phone call from anyone.

Well, stay tuned bc I will post a full review of all the parks we visited, including the character dining at disney (it will be very valuable for parents with special needs children) and also some great pictures!

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